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Jestina Brackin

The aftermath of the 2 July 2021 impact of Hurricane Elsa exposes the shocking levels of poverty in St. Vincent, and the mammoth effort needed to rebuild the northeast of the island after April’s eruption of La Soufriere volcano. Kenton Chance reports…

9 replies on “VIDEO: Storm exposes poverty in St. Vincent”

  1. The people of sandy bay have chosen five times to live under poverty under the ULP administrator. They don’t realise (or they should) that elections have consequences. They choose to have lumber, cement and a few dollars every five years for to remain in their codition. They vote solid for the ULP and Ralf Gonslaves every time. The NDP under James Mitchell made a momentous effort to to take them out of serfdom by abolishing the estate system and make them a land owing peasantry. This was also done in other parts of SVG. What they gained under the ULP for the food handouts, lumber, galvanize and a few dollars in a ULP jersy at election, more poverty. They have rejected the opportunities under our flawed democracy try change for a better life. The events now affecting these people are indeed unfortunate but are not the cause of thier poverty, they could have exacerbated it. They need more than prayers.

  2. The tourism minister was saying to Vincentians in Canada that unlike the other Caribbean Islands that depend on tourism primarily, St.Vincent has a more diversified economy and therefore would weather and rebound faster than those islands. Dominica was devastated by a hurricane in 2017 and they have rebounded and so have most of the leeward islands .
    We have been devastated by since 2013 and if it weren’t for Vincentians in the diaspora St Vincent would be worse than Haiti if it was left up to this present administration alone and I think the minister of tourism utterances about our economy being diversified and resilient was downright dishonest and misleading.
    How on God’s Earth does a country with close to 46 % of it’s people unemployed claim that it’s economy is diversified?

  3. Monica A Rosa says:

    I cannot believe that people is still living in wattleandarb house like this at this time in life. Ridiculous.

  4. Elma Gabrie Mayers says:

    So very sad listening to this video, this woman alleged that she speaks with the leader of the constituency (Daniel). How could members of the Government be aware of such standard of living and does nothing? This woman is being exploited but is unaware through illiteracy, not of her doing but of a society. I have no doubt that Minister Daniel will like to share some light on this sad situation.
    Mr. Kenton Chance, kindly let me know how I can direct some help to Ms. Justina Backin.

  5. Sensible and straight comment which as a Vincy have seen I do not do politics but unfortunately truth is truth

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