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Police in Bequia
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Tourism stakeholders in Bequia have held discussion with the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force about matters relating to citizen security in the northern Grenadine islands.

On Tuesday, Deputy Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph led a delegation on a visit to Bequia.

The delegation included Head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent of Police, Kenneth John, Lieutenant Commander Ralphie Ragguette of the SVG Coast Guard Service and Divisional Commander of the Grenadines Division, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Junior Simmons.

During the visit, the delegation met with key stakeholders and members of the corporate sector on the island, including representatives from the Bequia Tourism Authority (BTA), Rise Up Bequia, Action Bequia, taxi operators, Port Officer, Berry Providence and Local Government Officer, Rannie Gregg.

Deputy Director of Grenadine Affairs, Carlos Williams, chaired the meeting.

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The parties discussed numerous issues relating to citizen security on Bequia, including COVID-19 protocols, maritime patrols, foot and mobile patrols, installation of CCTV cameras, formation of neighborhood watch groups and traffic management and road safety.

“All parties gave a commitment to continue the dialogue and to work together to improve security and safety on the island for residents and visitors,” the police said in a press statement.

2 replies on “Stakeholders discuss security issues on Bequia”

  1. Kingsley Simmons says:

    Quite a gathering of top enforcement officials but the vague outcome of the meeting ( all parties agree to continue the dialogue) leaves me wondering if anything was achieved.

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