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Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar (Facebook Live file photo)
Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar (Facebook Live file photo)
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Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar has complained to police about a “seven continuation dots” in a post that opposition Senator Israel Bruce made on Facebook.

Caesar told Parliament on Thursday — after Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves was injured while walking among protesters outside Parliament — that he (Caesar) had filed with police, the previous week, a complaint about Bruce’s post.

“I went to the Biabou Police Station after senator Israel Bruce placed a statement on Facebook saying that when the ULP and Saboto come to Parliament today that they will be our face,” said Caesar, whose wife, in September 2018 fell victim to armed robbers, but later chose not to give evidence against the alleged assailants.

“I just want persons who are listening, persons who are close to me are aware that I made a report at the Biabou Police Station,” said Caesar, who defeated Bruce, a first time candidate, in the Nov. 5 general elections by 239 votes.

It was Caesar’s worst showing in the polls since he first contested in 2010, some years after being appointed a senator.

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He said that he had asked the police to investigate the report.

“I did not know that today, as I stand here, bloodstains — and if the camera man could … pull it in closer — these are bloodstains of Comrade Ralph, the member for North Central Windward, these are his bloodstains on my shirt. 

“And I’m telling you, I am going to do what it takes to ensure that there is justice in this country. There are some senators allegedly walking around, bussing people head and nothing coming of it. But justice must be served in this country,” Caesar said. 

Later in the meeting or Parliament, Caesar, debating the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission Agreement Bill, said that that day, Aug. 5, “will go down in history of this country as one of the darkest days in modern St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said that Bruce’s post read, “Thursday, 5th August 2021, ULP and Saboto, we in your face” and was followed by what the minister called “seven continuation dots”. 

“And I can remember when I was being interviewed by the officer, I said to the police officer. I am not worried about somebody being in my face, what worries me is the seven continuation dots. 

“And the fact that this wasn’t coming from just an ordinary supporter of the New Democratic party but it was coming from someone who is a member of this honourable house who contested the last general election and lost, and will lose again if he chooses to contest, and I told the police, I said you have to take this matter as a serious matter.”

Caesar said that he also called the prime minister’s security and told the security to inform the prime minister about the police report.

“I placed it in a group chat with all the other representatives so that they could see and I went my mother’s house and I said to my mother that August 5th, I am not going to stay away from Parliament but that I am going to be extremely careful because what Senator Bruce placed on the internet — seven continuation dots — could lead anyone to be incited and to create acts of violence against my person. 

“I have practiced criminal law in this country, I was a prosecutor before I entered politics and I am aware of my rights.”

Israel Bruce
Opposition senator, Israel Bruce. (iWN file photo)

Meanwhile, Bruce, speaking at a New Democratic Party press conference, on Saturday, responded to Caesar’s comments.

He said that after the PM’s injury and certain interaction amidst government and opposition lawmakers outside parliament, he received permission for the leadership of his party to leave.

Bruce said he followed the parliamentary proceedings on television. 

“And forgive me if I say ‘dot, dot, dot, dot, dot’ because it doesn’t mean that I am going to shoot ‘you, you, you, you, and you’,” he told the press conference.

“I was absolutely amazed to hear the minister of agriculture in the house of Parliament that he went to report against me at the Biabou police station … because there was a posting that I made which said come Thursday Aug. 5th, ULP and Saboto, we in your face. 

“That is a threat in St. Vincent now,” said Bruce, who is also a lawyer, adding that Caesar had said he had informed the prime minister.

“I don’t know what the plans are, but I am seeing the drum beats, and I want for person to know it too that if anything happens to me that these are the guys who are beating the drums against me silently in this country. I want people to recognise that and I am putting it on the record,” Bruce said.’

He said that anyone who visits his Facebook page would see that most of his posts end with multiple punctuation marks.

“Whenever I make a post, nine out of ten times, it’s either several exclamation marks, several question marks at the end, or you might see several full stops. It is just stylistic,” Bruce said.

“But no, there is something afoot, I believe, something sinister is afoot when it comes to my life, so they are beating the drum quietly and setting in motion, that looks, something has to happen to me. I am watching it and paying attention to it…  

“I just want to say, do not seek to intimidate the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the exercise of their fundamental rights and freedoms,” Bruce said, adding that he accepts that one person’s rights ends where another person’s begins.

18 replies on “Saboto reports to police Bruce’s ‘continuation dots’ on Facebook”

  1. Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar, you are the recipient of the Island Scholar award. Stop trying to sound intelligent rather act intelligent, had you stood up in the nation’s parliament and denounced the shooting of 62 year old Mr. John in his leg of which Senator Ashelle Morgan is [allegedly] involved, then your utterances would have had some credit. For now, you are just belittling yourself to make the Gonsalves’ feel happy. You are the minister of Agriculture, try planting some “Sense” watch them grow and reap all for yourself. Take a page out of the Hon. Stephenson King’s book of St. lucia, it will serve you good for the future…….

  2. Oh Lord! Help SVG. Look at the people who are making decisions for the country, both in power and in opposition acting like school yard warriors and bullies. My goodness! When you act like that, how do you expect the people you govern to behavior. You all need to set a better example for your people!

  3. Dot begins with a D so the seven dot can give some political insight of the Representative in some areas.
    Dumbo Dotish, Dagger ( speak from two side of the mouth) Dangerous , Dark , Drinker, drunker. I’m just wondering if any one MR Bata.

    My to cents

  4. Dumbest piece of crap I ever heard of..if this is the level of discourse our politcs have come to, well Vincy folks are in a real predicament.

    The Government and its acolytes are trying their damnest to elevate this unfortunate incident, to an attempted coup. The Government needs to tap down on this type of inciteful language.

    Good one Saboto, QAnon got nothing on you.

  5. We all need to turn this temperature all the way down. What the PM did was wrong. It is a very unfortunate incident and I assumed the entire country wishes him a speedy recovery. This is a time we should expect STRONG leadership from himself and the opposition leader. Both leaders are to be of significant influence on their supporters. We have a country to rebuild.

  6. Monica A Rosa says:

    All this is getting out of hand. What I am reading is the most educated people in saint Vincent are still living in the old time days. This is 2021 people. This is the time when people are more educated with lots if common sense. Why you all is trifling with such petty remarks and worry about what the other say. Soboto Bru were ce did not say he was going to make harm to you or anyone in your party, he say what he wants on the internet that could have put him in trouble if it was a threat that directed to someone in your party. Ralph getting hurt is a spur of the moment when someone think of giving him a wapper when he came out of the car. I am sure this was not planned. Vincentian stop your petteyness and try building up your country the best way you can. I have one of my sons there and I want to make sure no harm comes to him. He refuses to come back here so therefore you people have to stop the he say and they day and make saint Vincent a place where tourist will like to visit.

  7. Saboto you and Bruce should settle the man to man war via a Boxing match up Lauders by the boxing plant. Sobato you are afraid and you have a right to be afraid base on the geography.


  9. TAKE WARNING, the boi went for a “BATHE”, you know the ones with candles. I just can’t believe this bio would do such nonsense. It’s obeah ritual. SMH!

  10. I wonder what some people are smoking! Maybe a few other people at the top of our government are smoking the same stuff! We should set an investigation and immediately arrest those responsible for giving or selling that substance to our government officials because no sane person in their right mind would make such ridiculous assertions, nor would they tresspass onto someone else’s property and shoot or threaten someone without any evidence that person did wrong. Clearly there is a dangerous substance being consumed by some government officials. We need it stopped!

  11. Whenever I need a good laugh I go to the circus and watch the clowns do their thing.
    It’s so comical it makes people forget the real issues at hand…….almost like Vincentian politics.

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