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Senator Ashelle Morgan speaking to iWitness News on Tuesday.

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Government senator, lawyer Ashelle Morgan, who is charged with assaulting Diamond businessman Cornelius John with intent to wound him, says she has found herself “in this situation because of my desire to combat the problem of domestic violence and abuse”.

Morgan, however, said that while “malicious forces at play have overshadowed this aspect of the story and are attempting to ruin the reputation and the career that I have tried so hard to build”, she will “not stop attempting to improve the lives of others”.

Morgan told iWitness News, today (Tuesday), that she had reserved her rights to comment and interact with the media before, “because I had assumed that anything that I said would have been misconstrued, twisted, or sensationalised”.

She said that public reporting had illustrated this and she was making her comment “at the risk of my reputation being ruined even further”.

Morgan spoke to iWitness News while in the company of her lawyer, Duane Daniel, outside the Calliaqua Magistrate’s Court, on Tuesday.

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Also present were Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Karim Nelson and his lawyer, Ronald Marks.

Nelson and Morgan are to be tried, on Aug. 28, at the Mesopotamia Magistrate’s Court, in a joint trial, on separate charges, relating to an April 13 incident at Diamond, in which John was shot in the left leg.

Morgan is charged with assaulting John with intent to wound him, while Nelson is charged with wounding John and unlawfully discharging a firearm at him.

John is charged with one count of using threatening language at Morgan and two counts of the same offences, allegedly perpetrated against his wife, Nicole John.

Calliaqua Magistrate Zoila Ellis-Browne recused herself from presiding over the trials, saying that Morgan is her family lawyer.

The magistrate transferred the charges against John to the Biabou Magistrate’s Court, on Aug. 20.

Daniel and Marks declined to comment on the charges against their clients.

“I have never commented to the press on anything in my life. I don’t intend to start now,” Daniel told iWitness News.

Marks, when asked if he had any comments about the charges against his client, said, “Not at this time. The matter is sub judice, so no.”

After Morgan’s comment, iWitness News asked Nelson if he had any comment.

He said: “I good, man.”

Ahead of being charged, Nelson had proceeded on vacation leave pending the outcome of the police investigation, and remained on leave, pending the outcome of his trial.

Meanwhile Morgan had secured one month’s leave of absence from Parliament, after she was charged on June 23.

She told iWitness News today, that the new date for her trial would necessitate an application for extension of that leave.

Parliament is next slated to meet on Sept. 9.

Cornelius John
Cornelius John outside the Calliaqua Magistrate’s Court, on Tuesday. (iWN photo)

Meanwhile, ahead of Tuesday’s court appearance, John told iWitness News that “things getting reasonable” after his injury.

He said that the injured leg “get plenty pain and swelling inside it”.

John said that he had gone back to his farming and block making, “trying a little thing” and that things were “reasonable”.

John said that he was looking forward to his trial.

“Every day, expectation and prepare for disappointment also,” he told iWitness News.

“In life I does say I prepare for the unexpected. Not everything work out how you plan it or how you would like it to go. So you always have to left a room for that,” John said.

Morgan’s comments to iWitness News follow:

“I had previously reserved my rights to comment and interact with the media before now because I had assumed that anything that I said would have been misconstrued, twisted or sensationalised. Public reporting illustrates this very much, but, at the risk of my reputation being ruined even further, I would have this to say:

“I have faith in the justice system and I am confident that justice will prevail. I have found myself in this situation due to my intrinsic desire to help and empower women, especially women who ask for my assistance and because of my desire to combat the problem of domestic violence and abuse — gender-based violence and abuse — in our communities. It’s very disappointing that forces, malicious forces at play, have overshadowed this aspect of the story and are attempting to ruin the reputation and the career that I have tried so hard to build. Nevertheless, I will not stop attempting to improve the lives of others.”

19 replies on “Ashelle blames ‘intrinsic desire to help and empower women’ for legal troubles (+Video)”

  1. As a lawyer, this further infuriates me. Ashelle did you miss the “maintain a dignified silence” speech from your PM? Strupes…..

    With the role, your intrinsic duty should have been to call the police and let them do their job. We (lawyers) are not above the law. Going uninvited on a man’s property is illegal. I am still dumbfounded that there is no criminal trespass charge but then again, that was a definite guilt so they are paving the way for an acquittal.

    Que lastima!

  2. Am I blind or is Mr. Nelson, with the charges still able to carry a licensed firearm???????

    Then again, perhaps he has multiple licenses to carry because I will hate to believe with the charges against him, that he is still able to carry!!

  3. Across the Miles says:

    I am just speechless. So she seemingly decided to take the law into her own hands and now wants to say that malicious forces at play have overshadowed this aspect of the story and are attempting to ruin her reputation and career? You ever heard of calling for police assistance? I do hope justice is served and you spend a few years behind bars. No one is above the law.

  4. I agree that Mr. John should ‘prepare for the unexpected’, as it would appear that Senator Morgan through compassion for the many women who have suffered domestic abuse, found herself in the wrong place; and in association with the wrong people at the wrong time. Evidently is causing her a priceless career set back. I have no doubt that there are substantial abusive mishaps in the closet binder to this case. I am not surprised of her (Senator Morgan’s) determination to “improving the lives of others”. Too many of us fail to take a stance for others; especially where children are involved. Let’s not overlook the opportunity to see the root of what seems to have become four evils, Mr. John, His Wife, Nelson and Senator Morgan.

  5. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    They are all assumed not guilty and they have all got charges that are lesser than any member of the public would have laid on them for the same allegations. The charges are designed for acquittal.

    As for ruining this woman’s career it should be ruined like Mr Johns life and otherwise good name has been ruined.

    You can bet your life John will be made to look like the scoundrel. Can you imagine the DPP bringing one of the alleged assailants who was part of the group who trespassed at Johns house and using that man in defence of the alleged assailants and as a witness against John. It absolutely stinks. The third person should have had charges brought against him, not to be used as a witness.

    Remember according to the comrade she called after the incident took place, did she call him for advice? Did he give her advice?

    Can you imagine if John had gone to anyone of the threes houses and shot them in the leg what would of happened. He would have been tried and convicted the same week.

  6. Nathan Jolly Green says:

    When three people trespass uninvited at some ones house and one of the three shoot the house owner all three should have the same or similar charges brought against them.

  7. sensible person says:

    Apparently she is now taking a different approach as regards to a marketing strategy towards public opinion. Is this due to the current negative attitude the majority of the people have towards the ULP and its’ government, or maybe is it because public opinion was strongly against her alone? Will some other reason reveal itself in the near future?
    Some of these cases in SVG are like watching a thriller in slow motion. When she says she has confidence in the Justice System in SVG does that mean she is preparing us for what is next, just as when the Prime Minister informing us the CMO can mandate mass-vaccination?

    Somehow it seems the government knows exactly what will happen next in both this case as well as vaccination, and drop these hints ahead of time to make us feel their policy comes as “not decided beforehand” or “no surprise”
    Get Ready!

  8. Girl, you’re an idiot. Where were you when Yugge was mistreated. I never heard you mention empowering women. You should face what ever consequences coming your way. You rehearse the script. Why don’t you come and say, I made a mistake and I am very sorry for what I have done. Bye Felicia.

  9. Why did ugee and the police woman did not get this help of empowerment ? Why? Why will someone walk Into another yard to cause bodily harm to them? Is it because some people has no regards for the law because its always on their side?. To many this is a national embarrassment.

  10. Vincy lawyer good observation. Why did she not keep silent is beyond me? Unless she ia sure if acquital. Why no criminal trespass charge was laid since she [allegedly] entered Mr.John’s property uninvited and allegedly committed assault. That statement that she gave to iwitness news can be tendered as evidence against her. That avery unwise thing to do.

  11. Ashelle are you a lawyer/senator? You are put your lawyer in a difficult situation when you speak to the media. Dont you know that?

  12. You won’t stop improving the lives of others ? Can ms Andrews , ugee, ms parsons come to you for help with abuse ??

  13. It does not matter for whatever reason she may describe, she has absolutely no right to enter a persons property uninvited. That is called trepass and should be among the charges brought against her. For the prosecution to fail to bring that charge may perhaps mean the present charges are designed for acquital and not for prosecution. The prosecution has no right in law to be helping the accused to get round prosecution for any part of their actions which are prosecuteable.

  14. Elma Gabriel are you real? What poppycock are you writing: “Too many of us fail to take a stance for others; especially where children are involved. Let’s not overlook the opportunity to see the root of what seems to have become four evils, Mr. John, His Wife, Nelson and Senator Morgan.” How is this relevant to the matter at hand? Even if our legal system was based on vigilante justice –which it is not, a woman entering private property with two accomplices, one armed with a deadly weapon and is not a police officer, cannot be taken as activity to protect women’s rights. Elma this is a brazen attempt to justify a criminal act by a politically-connected foolish woman.

  15. Across the Miles - Again says:

    Sorry for commenting again, but it’s just because I am so angry at the injustice I constantly see happening in the land of my birth.

    Mr. John, if you’re reading this, you need to bring a civil case […] (if your lawyer hasn’t done so already), and get some hefty sums out […]injury, pain and suffering. You have a good lawyer, she will know what to do.

  16. I will give any one 10 /1 odds if she is not acquitted she probably have a speech all written and the party planners are picking out what wine will be served a blind man can see the deck is stacked against Mr John the late great Errol Barrow once said ( if you want justice keep out the court) he is the father of independence in BARBADOS and also was a lawyer.

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