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Jomo Thomas at a press conference in Kingstown last week Tuesday, Sept. 7, about five days before be began feeling "unwell". (iWN photo)
Jomo Thomas at a press conference in Kingstown last week Tuesday, Sept. 7, about five days before be began feeling “unwell”. (iWN photo)
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Lawyer Jomo Thomas, an anti-mandatory COVID-19 vaccination advocate, has tested positive for the viral illness and said that he is using the drug Ivermectin as part of his treatment.

Thomas made the disclosure, on Boom FM, on Tuesday, during his weekday appearance on the radio station.

The former house speaker expressed confidence that he would recover from the illness.

“Look, it’s the luck of the draw. Over 2,000 people in St. Vincent have gotten it. I have become part of that number. Hopefully, all of us who get it from here on in will survive.

“If ever you go into a crowd or into a crowded place, there is a real chance.”

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He said he went to the hospital on Monday “and I was diagnosed positive with COVID, so I am supposed to get another confirmation today and then we will go from there.

“I am sure that I would do the best in the circumstances. I am not overly concerned,” Thomas said.  

“I am feeling alright. There is a slight temperature, fluctuating, but I am doing what I have been doing for years so I am hoping that all will be well. I take my vitamins, I do my exercise, I eat properly, so I am pretty sure that I am gonna be well,” said Thomas, who is an avid jogger.

Asked where he thinks he might have contracted COVID, Thomas said it was difficult to say.

“But in the last week, I didn’t spend much time on the street. It could have been Thursday but I don’t want to say Thursday because I probably may be saying something that may not necessarily be correct.”

Thomas, whose law chambers represents the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union and the Public Service Union, said he was at the protest which the PSU organised in Kingstown, on Thursday, as it continued to register its objection to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for certain categories of public sector workers.

He said he wore a mask at the protest, but at one point went up the street and forgot his mask.

“And I didn’t stay very long.  But it doesn’t take a long time for any such thing to happen.”

Thomas has said that he would not, as yet, take any of the COVID-19 vaccines available in SVG.

Thomas said that now that he has tested positive for COVID-19, “my mindset has not changed in the least. I don’t know what would be a basis for a change in mindset.

“I haven’t had any positions that is — I don’t think that I have held any position that is outlandish, that should cause a rearrangement in my ideas or thoughts or opinion.”

Thomas said he got tested after feeling “unwell” on the weekend.

“There was no pain, there was no anything. And, on Sunday, I thought I should probably drive up to Stubbs and get one of those rapid tests and I didn’t do it. And yesterday when I went in, I decided to go to the casualty and check and it kind of confirmed what I thought.”

Thomas said he did not do much on the weekend, nor did he go to court on Monday.

“I stayed home mainly.”

To the persons he interacted with on Thursday, Thomas said:

“Maybe I would say, out of an abundance of caution, they probably, particularly if they are feeling any kind of feverish feelings, they probably should go and get tested.

Asked if he would take Ivermectin — an anti-parasitic used in both humans and livestock, about which some doctors say there is no conclusive evidence that they work to treat coronavirus — Thomas said:

“I have taken it. I took it first on Saturday and I took it again yesterday. I have been following, across the world, and where top scientists have said that it works and I have no difficulty in following the views of people who know very much more than I do on these matters.”

Thomas countered the argument that the drug is only for use in livestock.

“In 2015, there is a gentleman who won a Nobel Prize in medicine and one of the things on which he did his work was on Ivermectin and it was for Ivermectin for human beings — the way it was used for anti-malarial treatment. 

“I even saw a major columnist in St. Vincent talking about Ivermectin in a very narrow sense, because Ivermectin is also used in animals, but it is a different formulation that is used in animals. But it has both human and animal treatment effects. But, in the vulgarisation of it and the effort not to use it, we have seen people talk about it in a very negative fashion. But, I have used it and I feel pretty good,” Thomas said. 

He said that he has checked for the drug’s efficacy and composition.

Responding to a comment that he is a guinea pig for another medication that has not been studied for the long-term effects, Thomas said:

“Well, anyone can reach for what they want to reach for. I have never once made a guinea pig argument. I don’t speak in hyperbolic fashion.

15 replies on “Jomo Thomas using Ivermectin after contracting COVID-19”

  1. I believe Kenton Chance is a big advocate of wearing masks so he probably will not post this comment or wait two weeks before he does, however…All studies have concluded that masks are completely USELESS (the word Dr. Fauci used originally) Seems Jomo even thinks the masks help, instead of just being a pacifier for the ignorant. Dr. Fauchi has even tried to find biased researchers to conclude that masks help but he has had no success. Florida and Texas were supposed to have mass deaths when they dropped the mask mandate…IT NEVER OCCURED! Gee imagine that! Of course the world’s greatest scientists that are the top administrators of the Department of Health in SVG that are over 200 years more advanced than all the scientists in the world COMBINED! So we have to do what they tell us because they are like God! They have concluded that ANY variant of the virus that occurs in the world is IMMEDIATELY found in SVG! Get ready for lock downs, mass vaccination or both!
    I am surprised at jokers that ignore all science and facts and instead go with the fake science that is concocted for those seeking wealth and power as we speed into the “Great” reset

  2. Homo I thought you get the vaccine. How in the world you are follow I g those momo down there who is refusing from getting the jab as Ralph call it. Shame at you.

  3. Dr.Peter Ducreay says:

    Foolish man. You are taking a drug approved for animals and not for humans but don’t want to take Pfizer approved for humans. Fool

  4. To be street wise doesn’t mean you have sense lol good luck wish you all the best somehow in fact no keep my opinion to myself

  5. Ladies and gentlemen the leader of the anti vax movement in SVG. What a mental giant we have here lol. And foolish people will follow these ignoramuses to their grave…sad to say

  6. Shame Dr. Ducreay! You as a doctor need to look at the history of the AWARD-WINNING DRUG APPROVED AND DEVELOPED FOR HUMANS LONG AGO.

    STOP BELIEVING THE FABRICATED CORPORATE NEWS, AND FAKE SCIENCE! It makes you look as bad as the gullible SVG Department of Health!
    Unlike the SVG Government DO SOME REAL RESEARCH!!!

  7. Jomo, Logic is at the center of our training as lawyers. But your anti-COVID-19 vaccine stance is totally illogical. How can you be refusing to get the vaccine that the world’s leading epidemiologists and scientists developed for HUMANS and that has empirically proven effective in preventing death, but you are taking Ivermectin that Veterinarians developed for LIVESTOCK and is unproven in preventing COVID-19 deaths except for anecdotal accounts? Reading the statements attributed to you in the article leads to the conclusion, albeit bristling, that Jomo equates himself more closely with livestock than with humans, and that he only believe in science when it suits his purpose. My God! Ignorance is truly a curse which I hope is not upon you. I therefore pray for your speedy recovery from COVID-19, and that the experience infuse you with a bit more common sense, eh, eh, logic.

  8. Choose:
    1. Scientist (years of intimate studies and qualification): Please take the vaccine.
    2. Lawman (years of experience as youtube blogger): Please use horse pills.

    And your educated choice?

  9. UNBELIEVABLE! How can someone with a law degree claim that he has has “no difficulty following the views of top scientist” and yet do the exact opposite?

    The vaccine has proved to be both incredibly safe and stunningly effective, as seen in both major clinical trials (with tens of thousand participants) but more importantly in real world trials with millions of people off all ethnicities. Ivermectin is currently NOT indicated for the treatment of Covid and has zero completed clinical trials, it has not even received emergency use authorization from the FDA. I am so fed up with the idiocy, ignorance, and hypocrisy of the unvaccinated. Don’t even get me started on unvaccinated healthcare workers. If you do not believe in the science, then get another job!

  10. Yeah some people really weird, take treatment not approved for humans and plainly refuse to take the ones approved and tested by scientist all over the world ,it is like you they hungry you offer them free food but walk a mile to buy some other food but less healthy.

  11. Apparently since Jomo started taking it he has stopped jogging. But he was seen galloping neighing and chewing grass in a meadow.

  12. Jamal said: “Florida and Texas were supposed to have mass deaths when they dropped the mask mandate…”

    Ladies and Gentleman, I provide you with actual facts, from the Houston Chronicle from an article on July 30,2021.

    In July 2021: At the time (start of the Pandemic) states like Texas were far behind New York in terms of total statewide COVID-19 deaths, but the Houston Chronicle reports that the Lonestar State has now surpassed New York despite once trailing it by 29,000 total deaths.

    By June 30 of last year, as the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the United States, New York tallied 31,775 virus deaths. Texas had just 2,481.


    As of September 17, 2021, Texas has 61,931 deaths. New York has 54,424. Sooo…since June 30,2020 New York has had 22,649 deaths. While Texas has had 59,450 deaths.

    Texas does have more people but they also don’t live in a cramped city in New York. Nor do they rely on public transportation like New Yorkers. New York also has a harsher winter. All of this should limit the spread in Texas.

  13. Nathan 'Jolly' Green says:

    Some Vincentians are so stupid and they expect others to follow their stupid ideas and ways.

    A face mask will not stop you catching COVID but it does stop you from sneezing, coughing, shouting and just talking. All your germs including COVID in a spray of spital stay inside your mask, you do not spray others.

    So all you people who do not and will not wear masks you are quite simply selfish pigs.

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