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The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has given some business operators near this bridge in Arnos Vale seven day, ending September 21, 2021, to remove their structures.

Chief surveyor, Keith Francis, in his letter, said that the government will soon begin the process of renovating and upgrading the bridge to access the temporary schools and other developments at the decommissioned E.T. Joshua Airport.

However, the notice to vacate is not sitting well with the small business owners and residents, some of whom have been operating in the area for more than two decades.

Some say that the notice period is too short, while others say they have nowhere else to go and the business is the only source of income for multiple generations.

Kenton Chance reports…

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3 replies on “VIDEO: Frustration as gov’t gives small businesses 7 days to move”

  1. nancysauldemers says:

    After two decades at that location? One single week’s notice to relocate a business? This is a significant life change. Has the chief surveyor heard of planning ahead? Is he familiar with the concept of reasonable and adequate notice? SMH

  2. Not nice of the government they can handle this situation a lot better than that I think it’s a disrespectful move the people need more time the country is heading to poverty it sucks guys I know you all can do a hold lot better than that .

  3. sensible person says:

    Disturbing! These people have established this living for decades and the government gives them one week to leave!
    Isn’t this the government that claims it cares about people? Or is that only true in an election year when lands are confiscated and handed out to those that live on it and never paid rent and when building materials are handed out at tax-payer’s expense?
    Over time more and more people are learning the truth.

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