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Fuel prices
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Fuel prices in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have increased seven times over the last year, resulting in gasoline prices being almost twice what it was in September 2020.

On Oct. 1, Vincentians began paying EC$14, for a gallon of gasoline at the pump, EC$5.50 more than in September 2020.

At the same time, the price of low sulfur diesel now stands at EC$11.20 a gallon –EC$2.90 more than it was a year earlier.

High sulfur diesel goes for EC$11.25 at the pump — EC$2.70 more than in September 2020.

The latest price increase came less than a month after the government hiked the prices of fuel.

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On Sept. 6, the price of gasoline was increased to EC$13.75 per gallon, up from EC$13.40, the price that came into effect on Aug. 9.

At the same time, low sulfur diesel saw a 30-cent increase per gallon, retailing for $11.05 on Sept. 6. Low sulfur diesel saw a similar increase, rising to EC$11.20.

In addition to the price hikes on Oct. 1, Sept 6 and Aug. 9, the price of fuel at the pump was increased on July 5, May 25 and March 22. Before March 22, the last increase was on Sept. 28, 2020. 

5 replies on “Seven price hikes in 1 year nearly doubles gas price”

  1. I have two main issues here most of the price rise is globally when fuel goes up it is acted on immediately by government but when it comes down it takes forever to change. Secondly in this covid time we agree that mini buses should carry less passengers but how is that working out for the van owners with fuel as high as it now. They need to do better and help with some sort of concession for the minibus operators. The government keeps getting assistance for so many things where is the accountability of these monies.

  2. This information is soo confusing. The writer could have simple prepared a spreadsheet with the increases over the specified period so readers could appreciate the information in a summary form.

  3. Have you notice more and more people are looking whiter now, WHY, the government is sucking the blood (MONEY) out of them, those who vote for him feeling the same pain as all a wee now serve them right time to DITCH AND SWITCH PEOPLE

  4. Successive Governments have treated vehicles like luxury Items in SVG while it is a novelty in others. The people who feel the pinch when it comes to importation of vehicles and price of fuel are the poor. One must ask himself where do the ministers of government purchase their fuel? Do they pay for fuel?

  5. leonard slater says:

    It is not SVG alone experiencing price increases on consumer goods. It is world wide phenomenon. It was further reported that several shipping companies operating out of China hike their prices per container from $1000.00 to as high as $25000.00. There are things the common man has no control over. WE allow China and many Asian countries to be our suppliers. We need to think about food security. The question of fossil fuel is another question. May be the horse drawn or donkey cats may solve the problem. The gun men may find work.

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