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Flow frontline workers

The COVID-19 Taskforce has received from telecommunication provider, Flow what the company has described as “a much-needed boost of support”.

Flow Country Manager Wayne Hull handed over 25 vouchers with three months free broadband service.

“We (Flow) are celebrating our customer appreciation week and embedded in our appreciation is the recognising of our frontline staff, who have been working tirelessly for over a year,” Flow Country Manager Wayne Hull said.

“We at Flow felt it very important in recognizing the core taskforce that has been leading the charge in helping us as country recover from this pandemic.”

Hull said he believed the donations will be impactful and thanked health officials along with their respective teams for the work they continue to do.

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Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Cuthbert Knights said:

“We are thankful for your company’s recognition of the hard work which the taskforce is doing. I can assure that the handsets will go a very long way in assisting the members in their communication needs.”

Knights said the COVID-19 Taskforce’s work is quite challenging, adding that the vision that Flow had to recognise them shows that the fight against Covid-19 is not solely the responsibility of the government.

Flow’s customer appreciation week consisted of several other initiatives including discounted services to longstanding customers, a “Lunch on Us” day, frontline workers discounts and a personal thank you to in-store customers from the country manager.

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  1. In the land of the hungry he who has abundant stale-mildew-dry bread rules cause beggars can not be choosers. But no worries, every puss has its four o’clock

  2. Many countries are under terrible authoritarian leaders that are big bank “puppets”. This is recognizable with their vaccine mandates such as we are hearing in SVG.
    Why don’t we have a real leader that cares about the people and knows how to take care of them.
    Like this leader…wish we had a leader like him!

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