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my brothers keeper
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By Patrick Ferrari

“If a battle cannot be won, do not fight it” — Sun Tzu.Well, that is the exact advice that I am not taking with this: I am about to fight a battle I am going to lose.Even before it’s begun.

Those who are against the COVID vaccines and vaccine mandates are, well, against it — period.It isn’t just stubbornness, although that is part of it.To them, scientific data does not have the merit it is due, and it is not going to change their minds — period.It hasn’t yet.We have seen that, so, now I would try something different: civic duty.This is going to be to no avail, I am sure.

COVID vaccine mandates are not an attack on your freedom.It’s hard to see that going down.Personal freedom is exactly what, if not the only thing, the deniers say they are protecting.And they are going to protect that protection come what may.

I have never seen — and if I need to, let me stress that this is subjective — the right to refuse a vaccine fully explained, but in the case of the COVID-19, I think that the arguments for the freedom of choice does not apply.Here’s why.

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  • I am all for personal choice — as long as personal choice does not affect others.Personal choice does not cover all cases or instances.For example, I may not like how you keep house, what you do with your trash — inside of it.That is a private matter and your personal choice.But it neither a private matter nor a personal choice to throw your garbage in the road.It is, for sure, a civil duty not to.You know, the non-legal rules of good conduct that binds society.
  • For generations, vaccines have been required against diseases, for schools in particular.That is because going unvaccinated in a pandemic hurt other people.The truth is breakthrough infections strengthen the case for mandates because it means that those who got their shots are in danger from those who do not have theirs.Talk about fighting a losing battle.
  • The unvaccinated are far more likely than the vaccinated to need far more hospitalisation, thus causing far more stress on the health care system.And placing far greater costs on the tax-paying public.I might get away with that one.Getting vaccinated then, ought to be considered a civic duty and not a personal choice.Sometimes we are not a collection of isolated individuals.Sometimes, yes, we are our brother’s keepers.
  • Medicine is a complex and difficult subject and for that reason it is not a good idea to leave people on their own to deal with it.That is why we seek the help from those who have studied the science of medicine.And it is the reason we require physicians be licensed; and drugs approved.The public does not decide who is qualified and which medicines are safe and effective.Otherwise, we could well be injecting ourselves with bleach to “knock out the (COVID) disease in one minute”.Or, if you listen to Fox News you would not get vaccinated.But if you were on their staff, ah, that’s a different ball game.Staff is home and you do not mess with home.So, getting vaccinated became strict Fox News policy — while peddling the anti-vaccine propaganda.

Make of this what you will: Sometime in the 70s, I, with three friends were going to Grenada but were stopped as we were about to leave.We had to get vaccinated for a thing I cannot remember.No vaccine no travel.Right here.And watch this Canada/US vaccine passport from around the same time.Vaccine travel mandate is an old thing.And was accepted, too.What is new is social media has made too many experts out of too many of us.

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6 replies on “Sometimes we are our brother’s keepers”

  1. A lot of the person’s who are against the mandate is vaccinated. The question might be, is it good to do a wrong thing for a good reason? The supreme being could have made us to compulsory worship him for all eternity but he didn’t he gave us a choice even though the choice we make can be detrimental to us. What we are encouraging here is tyranny.

  2. I still respect Patrick Ferrari but I disagree with about everything he writes here. It would take an article just as long, and could be much longer to respond. I will give the short version: first and most important: NO! What he writes IS NOT SCIENCE, ONLY DOCTORED FACTS DRIVEN BY BIG PHARMA. Real science has proven that these vaccines are not safe. We all have a different health status and, according to many, more have died from the vaccines than from the virus. If at some time someone has acquired antibodies against Covid but later they get a bullet in the brain, the hospitals should not rule it a covid death, AS THEY HAVE BEEN DOING IN ORDER TO DRIVE THE NUMBERS UP! We all know that the SVG government claim that there have not been any negative effects from the vaccines, are WRONG. I do not personally know anyone that has died of Covid, nor do I know anyone that knows anyone, BUT I DO KNOW OF TWO PEOPLE IN SVG THAT DIED FROM THE VACCINES AND I KNOW MANY MORE PEOPLE THAT KNOW OF OTHERS. If I were to heed wisdom from Jesus, guess what that would tell me.
    Patrick also says it is ones’ civic duty to get vaccinated. WHY? The so called vaccine does not protect you any more than the masks. In countries with higher vaccination rates than SVG, the population is much sicker. In most cases, the less people vaccinated (such as US State Florida and the country Palestine), they have the lowest covid infection. Countries like Gibraltar, Israel, Ireland, all over 80% vaccination, they have the highest Covid and Covid deaths!
    I think Patrick should study the science rather than the establishment (media and government) lies and misinformation. He needs to look up real scientists such as Dr.Richard Flemming and Dr. Dave Martin and so very many others we do not hear from BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL DELETED in order to force an agenda! Patrick is unknowingly assisting those that obviously care nothing of any average person’s health. Patrick is a good person but has allowed himself to be deceived in this case.

  3. SAADISS: Just keep believing everything they tell you. Ignore all the top medical and research professionals around the world. A mask may be able to protect you from my “utter rubbish” And hope it protects you from all the other things you may believe in, that the “mind benders” will get you (maybe they already have) or that the Garifuna don’t take your home before Saddam can get you with WMDs or Assad gas you along with his own supporters. Some people will believe everything the establishment tells them. One day I hope you find that my ” utter rubbish”.is the least you have to worry about.

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