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By Boxer

“The time is always right to do what is right.” — Martin Luther King

Thank you, teachers of West St. George Secondary School for bolstering my waning faith in humanity, during these dark times. Your solidarity, unity and courage have, indeed, been a comfort to many who, like me, are confronted with the harsh reality of being terminated due to our vaccine non-compliance.

Without prejudice, you stood up for one another; your loyalty is a rarity and must be commended highly. In our divisive society, the unity your staff demonstrated cannot be praised enough and all employees should take a leaf out of your book by respecting each other’s God-given right to have freedom of conscience.

I must confess that after all the trials that I have endured during this pandemic, I thought that nothing could be as painful as the thought of losing my job after teaching for 30 years at the same school. But alas, the lack of human compassion and empathy that my unvaccinated colleagues and I have experienced is the wound that stings the most. In the days before COVID-19, the entire staff held firm together throughout the hardships, losses and pain which are a part of the human condition and we celebrated each other’s accomplishments and we rejoiced in our blessings. They said, “We are family”, but now, “You are selfish”, is their accusation. Suffice to say, perhaps what is needed most, is a vaccine which contains the milk of human kindness.

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Staff of West St. George Secondary School, continue to do what you know is right. Martin Luther King would be proud.

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