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Ferries in Bequia 2

Ferries, along with SVG Coast Guard Vessel Capt. Hugh Mulzac, right, docked in Port Elizabeth, Bequia, on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021, during the funeral of former prime minister, Sir James Mitchell. (iWN Photo)

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Ferries in Port Elizabeth blare their horns in a final tribute to the former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell as the MV Bequia Express V brings his body back to Bequia, his hometown, for burial on 18 December 2021.

Sir James, the second prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines died on 23 November 2021, aged 90.

He was prime minister from July 1984 to 27 October 2000.

4 replies on “VIDEO: Ferries blare horns in tribute to Sir James”

  1. How wonderful, a man loved by all, rest in Peace Sir James you will be missed by many. SVGs only real statesman.

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