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By Anthony Stewart, PhD

The Dunce Cap was put on the head of the slow student who was, invariably, subjected to ridicule. This practice was discontinued and for good reason. It was recognised that the challenge presented is more the responsibility of the teacher rather than that of the student. The teacher is responsible for availing himself of all the research-based modern techniques of classroom instructions and deploy them to get students to learn. If the students do not learn, the teacher has not taught.

While we have discontinued the use of the Dunce Cap, are we compounding the problem by bunching slow students together in what we may now call the Dunce Class? In light of all the available research against such practice now who is worthy of wearing the Dunce Cap?

Despite all the research available, why has a Dunce Box been set up in our Parliament?  Was it done to make a laughing stalk of Parliament itself or those who speak from it? The available scientific knowledge is clear:

  1. Coronavirus can be contracted and spread by a vaccinated as well an unvaccinated person
  2. Everyone needs to social distance
  3. Everyone needs to wear masks
  4. Ventilate the Parliament Building well
  5. Those who vaccinate must do so with aspiration to avoid certain complications
  6. Testing is the surest available way of determining a parliamentarian’s likelihood of spreading the virus in Parliament

Consequently, can we count on the Speaker to do the right thing and remove the Dunce Box from Parliament?

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Let us not drag the Chief Medical Officer into our dirty political milieu.

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