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Police and onlookers at near the Owia Clinic on Sunday. (Photo: Rochelle Baptiste/Facebook)
Police and onlookers at near the Owia Clinic on Sunday. (Photo: Rochelle Baptiste/Facebook)
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Five female health workers — three professionals and two ancillary workers — were, up to Sunday, in police custody in connection with the discovery of 54 kilograms of cocaine at the Owia Clinic.

The quantity of cocaine was found on Saturday evening, hours after police began an operation that netted three kilograms of the Category A drug at a home in the North Windward village.

iWitness News understands that police conducted an extensive search of the clinic Saturday evening, which initially turned up nothing illegal.

The officers left then returned shortly after and extended their search to the roof of the facility, which was recently renovated.

A reliable source tells iWitness News that the cocaine was found in a barrel in a locked room at the clinic.

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The three kilograms of cocaine recovered at the home in the village was found in a suitcase, and one resident of that home, a man, was taken into custody.

Another man was taken into custody Sunday afternoon, as police investigated reports that a vehicle that he usually drives was seen near the clinic sometime ago, around the time when police suspect that the drugs might have been stashed there. 

The drugs were discovered during a joint operation conducted by the Narcotics Unit and the Rapid Response and Special Patrol Units, two tactical outfits.

iWitness News understands that police are acting on intelligence that there is “a lot of cocaine in the Owia area”.

Sources have told iWitness News that the police operation is believed to be part of a wider investigation that began after the arrival of a speedboat in Baleine, an uninhabited area in the north of the country, renowned for marijuana and produce cultivation as well as illicit activity.

12 replies on “54 kilos of cocaine found at Owia clinic; 5 health workers in custody”

  1. Yusiff Banditt says:

    Give it to me in lbs because teacher Dixon didn’t teach me nothing about klio. The taught me about pounds, shilling and pence.

  2. These people are darn fools. They do not know they will get it gem selves involved in substance that will give them jail time

  3. Illegal substances means fast cash with fast death or imprisonment! Now you all could ketch up with reading your bibles and give your life to Christ! Which is a good turn around! I hope that they all
    learn their lesson…

  4. Well,well those darn fools are just foot soldiers at the bottom of the totem pole they don’t have the resources to buy that amount of powder the real procurer is at the top of the totem pole. He is coated with teflon and he must be squealing like a pig as he lost so much from his inventory and as for the darn fools they will be replaced and “presto”business as usual.

  5. You live in the U.S too long – they are stil on Imperial measurement wherein the rest of the world is Metric. Do your math – 2.2lb = 1 kg X 54. You do the rest. That’s a lot in lbs – rich overnight if he were to sell @ whatever price.

  6. I would like the rest of those health professionals name be mentioned . Do not play politics now with the vincentians population. I would like to know why those names are not being mentioned in the cocain fiasco.

  7. 54 kilos is a major bust to which everyone involved should have their home and cars confiscated and get life in prison sentence. Unless of course they are protected and then the results will be different.

    54 kilos is far to much for the market in SVG so it must have been imported with reexport in mind. This is not an amateur deal this is big time, there must be a main lynchpin close by. Probably with government connections otherwise someone would be already arrested for that position.

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