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Farmers at consultation

Residents of North Leeward, including farmers affected by a quarry project in Richmond, express displeasure that work on a quarry at Richmond began on Jan. 29, 2022, without the community being notified.

The residents expressed their views during a public information session with their MP, Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development, Carlos James, and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Transformation, Saboto Caesar in Chateaubelair on Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022.

10 replies on “VIDEO: Residents voice displeasure during quarry info meeting”

  1. Vincy in New York says:

    Plain and simple. Work has commenced, and the ppl were not informed or consulted on the project.

    What i expect to hear from Carlos or Saboto is that the govt is sorry for the way the project gets off the ground and will ensure that the ppl of north leeward are the primary beneficiaries .

    Well there was not an apology and they could not say how the project benefits the ppl.

    If this is a litmus test for leadership of the ULP, these 2 guys failed miserably. Or were they sent to out someone else fire?

  2. So they should be upset, this project came about due to all the financial losses mad by the government.

    They are quite happy to sell the farmers land to anyone who will pay them. It is similar to what happened at Buccament. Quarrying stone by a foreign company to be 100% exported brings no benefit to the Vincentian people and the farmers of the land in general.

    This will bring about a great gaping hole in the islands beautiful country, create unbreathable dust and lung problems to humans, and mean further loss to our home production of produce.

    This can in no way at all be described as progress, those who are willing to accept this as progress are the brain dead newly Marxist created peasant class in SVG. Anyone who still has control of their own minds will never agree to this absolutely apparent rape of SVG.

  3. I am glad to see folks standing up to these politicians who show very little respect to the same people they ask to vote them into power. You reap what you sow and I am sure you would not make the same mistake again in 2025.
    Both Caesar and Carlos dance around the question “why wasn’t the people informed in advance about this project that will affect the livelihood, lives and environment.
    It all boils down to money for the St. Lucian investors. They don’t care about the residents of Chato. There is no advantage for the people in the area because nothing will benefit them from this investment.
    Check out the stone quarries in Layou and you’d see the effect it has on the people and the environment. Layou had a lovely beach that now looks like a toilet hole. The crap from the quarry drains down to the sea and high waves makes the water muddy – not the rain.

  4. There is something called people’s power, if the community does not want it and is considered to be a project that can degrade the environment. It can be stopped, use your brain people. There are man ways to kill a dog, legal challenge is one of them.

  5. The company is from Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia would never allow such a project in Saint Lucia, it just cannot happen They would not let rape of the soil to take place. There is no greater degradation of an area than to quarry it. It will look dreadful during workings and dreadful afterwards. This is a lose lose matter and the culprits are the Gonsalves dynasty allowing a quarter inch of their inch to be raped.

    I doubt the people of any other island would allow such a thing to take place. There is a quarry in Bequia and it is a scar on that island and created a nasty area visually unappealing and moonlike. Selling land at silly low prices for export is a trait that we have seen before. But if you the Vincentian people allow it to happen so be it.

    Since the ULP increased the mix of peasants on the island there are fewer with un-addled minds able to protest.

    The truth is this project is of no benefit whatsoever to SVG. So who benefits? I do not know, think about it and then tell us through this media what you think. After all the island belongs to the people and not the world boss, he is just a servant of the people, a carrier of water, time to get rid of him and all the rest of what Peter Binose used to describe as scum, I would not like to be that rude.

  6. too bad nothing will come of it. this is five in a row. it will be ten in a row before anything is done. abuse of power.

  7. it doesn’t take bombs and long range missiles to destroy a country, all it takes is corrupt government and poor education.

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