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The deceased, Renaldo Hamilton. (Photo: Social Media)
The deceased, Renaldo Hamilton. (Photo: Social Media)

A Stubbs man was killed in Arnos Vale around 2:30 p.m. today (Saturday) in a daring, execution-style shooting near his mother’s workplace.

Dead is 23-year-old Renaldo Hamilton.

Hamilton died after an assailant walked up to him and shot him in the head at the bus stop across the street from the Sol Gas Station and the Church of the Nazarene in Arnos Vale.

The assailant then fled the scene on foot, leaving Hamilton dead on the sidewalk. 

A video circulated via social media showed a woman near Hamilton’s body, which was lying on the sidewalk, saying, “That’s my son!”

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Hamilton was killed yards away from where his mother works, at a food business in the area.

Hamilton’s death has been recorded as the fourth homicide in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year. 

7 replies on “Man killed execution-style near mother’s workplace”

  1. Wow this happen in broad daylight and were there any cameras around? This could not have been in the area i live. Ctv camera would have solved the problem. I always believe that since the hang man is on sabbatical, crimes are on the uptick. No one wants to paybfor his/her crimes. I say bring back the hangman. I believe this is the soulution to this problem.

  2. Young people be careful who friends you choose and hang out with. in this life your parents and siblings is enough. You live a more quiet and peaceful life not knowing some people. And how are these weapons obtained by these criminals? Can the minister of security let us know? very scary.

  3. Chester Peters says:

    Whoever this guy had beef with wanted him dead and shooting like this one is not random the killer knew that the deceased mother worked in the vicinity and he would show up so he just waited but it is sad that one can flush out another life for some small act that ,that person might have committed against them my condolences go out to the bereaved and that the assailant will be brought to justice.

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