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The deceased, Cjea Weekes.
The deceased, Cjea Weekes.

The 18-year-old motorcyclist  who told his mother that his paralysing injuries were sustained last Wednesday when a police vehicle ran him over while pursuing him on his motorcycle, died in hospital today (Sunday). 

Cjea Weekes, of Argyle, died two days after doctors told his mother, Natasha Weekes that he was paralysed from the chest down and also had a broken spine and left leg.

The mother told iWitness News on Friday that her son had told her that police had pursued him in their vehicle after he and a friend failed to comply with their instructions to stop.

Weekes and another friend, identified as “Dusty”, reportedly failed to stop because they did not have their learner’s permit on them, as required by law, although they had a letter “L” affixed to their motorcycles as the law also demands.

Weekes told iWitness News that her son was run over along a dirt road in Vermont.

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However, additional information reaching iWitness News suggests that the incident occurred in Twenty Hill, a community between Rillan Hill and Penniston. 

On Friday, Commissioner of Police Colin John told iWitness News that the report reaching him was that the youth was injured when he fell, shortly after he ignored a police signal to stop while riding a motorcycle dangerously. 

“I don’t know about being chased. The information I received from the police is that he was riding the motorcycle in a dangerous manner, the police came out of the vehicle, they gave him the number one stop signal, he refused to stop. He drove past. Based on the information, the bike actually hit a police officer on his hand. He fell from the bike and broke his leg. The police took him to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. The matter is being investigated currently,” John told iWitness News.

The police chief told iWitness News later on Friday that he had received additional information that the teen was paralysed. 

14 replies on “UPDATE: Paralysed teen motorcyclist dies”

  1. 1784 533 5736 says:

    Count John are u […} stupid or something that make sense to u? Do the right thing an call a spear a spear

  2. Lenneth Boucher says:

    This is very sad we have to learn to be obedient to the law of the land and now this could of be avoided if only he had obeyed as the bible says it …… but it is the word of God OBEDIENCE NOT DISOBEDIENCE becuse this comes with serious consequences my condolences goes out to the entire families and friends of the deceased continue to be strong and courageous God bless ❤

  3. The problem is the police in SVG have been out of control for 20 years and shoot and injure the citizens at will.

    They have shot homeless people in the leg for no reason and in this case, we should not believe any statement they make without proper enquiry.

    This may well be a murder case or manslaughter case, they will try and protect their own so careful investigation must proceed. Anyone with a phone video of the incident send it to Kenton Chance because he is a protector of the public good and a hero of truth.

  4. Them police are liars. Frim personal experience they always lie to cover up their wickedness. They’re not there to protect and serve, they’re there to abuse and brutalize. For those officers that has children, God don’t sleep though.

  5. How are these policemen recruited, trained and appointed in SVG over the last 20 years? Are they selected by some partisan political criteria?? Who are they responsible to?? Remember all the extra judicial killings that have taken place over the past 20 years under this administration?? Remember the policemen who killed the young man and were acquitted acquitted and given back their jobs?? Seems like the lives of poor, black young Vincentian men do not matter to this administration. Seems that Vincentians have themselves to a form of state imposed slavery for the past 20 years compliments the voters in the rural.

  6. injured now dead first Condolences to the family, let’s be honest now nothing will come of this if shooting a man in his own yard and identifying the persons and that went no where how will this ever get justice…. Alas I await as most of the nation the Facts but somehow sorry I think No Justice again

  7. the SVG police could frame anybody and get away with it. all we can do is protest. nothing will come of it. like between a rock and a hard place.

  8. Jenetta collinsburke says:

    We all no these police are liars and corrupt some of them forget them have children and what goes around come right back around its called karma

  9. I believe the victims statement.
    The police is just a bunch of certified gangsters ,who is illiterate and ignorant.I believe who ever was on shift had orchestrated the victim’s death ,by running him over with their vehicle.May he /she know no peace, no prosperity,,no sleep,.May he/she remain haunted for the remainder of their dreadful lives.

    To the parents .my condolences and heartfelt you both for the lost of your son.This blatant murder at the hands of the police is every parents nightmare.It is a universal policing has no credibility or accountability…..just a bunch of illiterate female canine’s in so called uniforms.

    Cry your cry,I want you to know and believe that all unfair games do play twice.The day will come when those corrupted police will suffer greatly as blood is on their shoulders.
    Seek justice for your son and sue the police force for wrongful death,harassment,undue force,negligence, forceful and illegal arrest of a minor ,pain and suffering.
    Remember, the police is not there to serve and protect instead they are positioned and trained to lie effectively,kill indiscriminately and concretely cover up all their illegal and wrong doings.
    Stand up ,take action by any means necessary……..Change has got to come …..soon.

  10. Perhaps everyone should get a gun license, a bullet proof vest and a two way videotape camera to record police
    brutality and murder.

    Drastic one may say, however highly relevant to the sad commentary ,that is being played out one too many times,on unsuspecting law abiding citizens.
    Citizens who may or may not have ran afoul of the law.

    My advice to anyone who value their lives is to put your phone on record when you are pulled over by the police……have video camera in your car to these cowards will exert their authority and kill you. They will collectively and effectively lie in an effort to walk away Scott free of their crime.

    The whole police force need to be revamped of these parasites and pestilence that walk in uniform.
    This is truly a sad ,sad state of affairs.
    I hope the police realize and is fully aware that God don’t sleep.

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