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Sinks to be replaced at Georgetown Secondary School.
Sinks to be replaced at Georgetown Secondary School.
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The Japan Government, through the International Organization for Migration (IOM), will be upgrading bathroom facilities at 21 schools in St. Vincent to the tune of EC$ 670,000.

The project will install 280 toilets at schools primarily in the red and orange zones of La Soufriere volcano, and those used as emergency shelters in Kingstown, following the April 2021 eruption of the volcano.

The schools identified to receive new bathroom facilities are noted to be in dire need of repairs.

IOM’s representative in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jan Willem Wegdam said:

“IOM is ready to roll out the repair of bathroom facilities at all schools, where 280 professional toilets will be installed as well as 200 face basins and mirrors. Most washrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and repainted.”

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The Roads Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) has been contracted to carry out the works, which have begun at several secondary schools in North Leeward and North Windward.

Adelphi Secondary school washroom facility almost complete
Repair of the washroom at Adelphi Secondary School is almost complete.

On the windward end, major works have commenced at the Georgetown Secondary, North Union Secondary, Adelphi Secondary and Greiggs Primary schools.

Attracting major upgrades on the leeward end is the Petit Bordel Secondary School.

On Jan. 19, during his three-day visit, Japan Ambassador to CARICOM, Tatsuo Hirayama, visited CW Prescod primary, one of the larger primary schools in Kingstown, where 36 toilets will be replaced.

The ambassador said that he is hopeful that the repaired bathroom facilities will enable a hygienic environment for students and teachers.

­­Repairs at schools are expected to be done mainly on weekends so as not to disturb classes.

Installation of washroom facilities at all schools is scheduled to be completed by April.

The IOM has been in SVG since June 2021, providing humanitarian support and services to the government and people, following the eruption of the volcano.

3 replies on “Japan, IOM to spend $670,000 upgrading school restrooms in SVG”

  1. I hope proper monitoring of the scope of work is done by the necessary parties at Bragsa and accountability with penalties are implemented. The quality of work done by Bragsta comparable to the monies spent do NOT match up!!

  2. A point for the Government. A lot of people will get work. There are enough Youth there. Spend the money on what it is intended for.

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