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Ralph Gonsalves
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves visited, for the first time, on Friday, the site in Richmond where farmers are to be displaced as his government leases 58.8 acres of land for 30 years for a stone quarry.

6 replies on “VIDEO: PM visits Richmond quarry site”

  1. All the trouble and unhappiness happening in the country is because of 20 years Gonsalves rule. He knows how to sing and play the tune. In other words give him another fifty years hé will fix everything what need fixing. Just another few years.

  2. Urlan Alexander says:

    After almost an hour of video footage with the PM babbling and trying to sway every one to his way of thinking the area MP stood there like a robotised mannequin and didn’t even utter a word on this project in his constituency.

  3. It was done in 2008 Mike, the person who did it says it is no longer relevant to the present project.

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