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Kingstown, the political and financial capital of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Kingstown, the political and financial capital of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says that government finances performed worse in February than the two previous years, with revenue falling by EC$21 million year-on-year.

Gonsalves gave a summary of the fiscal performance of the central government for the period ending Feb. 28.

“I had reported that January was better than last year January, but not as good as the January in 2020 … Well, the February just gone, we didn’t do as well as 2021 nor 2020,” Gonsalves said.

He said that in February 2021, government revenue was “rescued … certainly at least by one significant sale of property out of Mustique — the alien land holding license and the transfer tax.”

Gonsalves said that up to February, current revenue was down about EC$10 million.

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This year, the figure is EC$96.9 million dollars, compared to EC$86.8 million last year.

“But the month of February this year, we are essentially nearly $21 million below February last year, which is a significant number.”

The prime minister said that he does not know if there are reportage issues.

“But I will usually do an interrogation of the numbers with the people in the Ministry of Finance — with the Minister of Finance and his staff. But surely, the numbers are down February to February.

“And as again, as I said January last year, when January didn’t look good, that if we continue like that, we’re going to have problems.

“Well, I am hoping that this February is a similar kind of a blip — blip down –rather than a trend and I’ll interrogate these. But, as always, I have to bring the numbers to you, to the public,” he said.

3 replies on “Gov’t revenue down $21m in February”

  1. Even if the revenue falls in February that should not humbug you paying public servants. Because hundreds have been fired. So government should be running at a surplus on salaries because the people that you replace them with only get 20% of what was paid to them, SO l hope you are not suggesting you will not be able to pay public servants if it continues. Last month you said it looks like we are on track to recovery with all the projects coming an stream and now you coming with this talk. It shows you are not as confident as you sound. And it is time you admit you are not the man for this job.

  2. Calliaquaman says:

    Mother Nature Hand dried up and the money trains stop rolling.

    Government revenue always in decline, but thanks to Mother Nature Devine Hands, Floods, Hurricane, Volcanos and Covid-19, now played on our behalf, where Tangible or intangible blessings always fall on our good heap of rock soil, thru goods and services from Countries and Organizations. Which they (ULP) used as progress and growth for political expedience.

    Bareface adding other people monies and services as growth to our economy (budget) Now this dry up (not getting any more foreigner aids) the truth of our financial soundness of SVG expose. Last months you beat your paper chest because aids were still coming in, but now you are crying for help. stop your winning!

    This country has never grown over 20yr, what we have here is a Russian Roulette syndrome politrickian, governmental bureau twisting in the wind with no clear direction to grow this country. We are indebted nation. Fullstop.

    “Truth will see you free”

    my two cents

  3. PM sound like he said they sold state property in Mustique? Last week he was singing a different tune. How you like that? He forgot to mention the quarry land deal. [The gov’t] just recently fired hundreds. And you just returned from Dubai with entourage, a coffee overthere cost 20 $. PM, how many jobs you created lately? And then it is business as usual. Lol.

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