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Mia Mottley speaking on Facebook Live after her election in Barbados.
Mia Mottley speaking on Facebook Live after her election in Barbados.
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By Vincentian Neighbour

Father, forgive me for I have sinned. I covet my neighbour’s prime minister. There, I have said what many have thought in recent years. Looking over at the way that Mia Mottley has led and been leading Barbados, the only word that can be used to describe it is “revolutionary”.

The current Barbados government has shown itself to be a government of all of its people and not just solely supporters of the party. I listened in shock when Mia Mottley dared to give up power to ensure that the country was united behind her leadership. The Barbadian populace agreed with this unprecedented move of humility and gumption by re-electing her government. I can’t even begin to contemplate that happening here in my own backyard. I was only looking. My fascination had not yet deepened.

Yet, anytime my eyes remained in my own country, I saw the tribalism and downright self-entitlement and disrespect to which all of SVG is exposed. I’m talking about the quarry in Richmond, the nebulous COVID-19 policy, the firing of public servants over the vaccine. To ease my heart when I hear the lies, I roll my eyes and they turn towards Barbados on their own accord:

There, no VAT policy on feminine hygiene products, diapers, multivitamins and “roll on” (deodorant); that is progress; even the capping of the VAT on gas to make it affordable in the interim for the man on the street. I tell you that it’s almost as if she cares for the Barbadian people and is working for them. That is indeed a new idea.

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Maybe we need here a political ideological revolution in which fresh blood with ideas and a love for country can attempt to gain our votes, on both sides. Imagine what SVG would be like if we had politicians working for all the people of this country. That’s what I dream about. So if you pass and see me gazing with my eyes to the east or to the sky, gaze too. We have been drinking water for too long and not minding the political mess here that is all of our business.

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3 replies on “I covet my neighbour’s PM”

  1. Yes you all need a facelift in saint Vincent. No one can’t say the Barbadian prime minister is for one kind of people. All is our priority. They voted for her. Those who voted for the other party are treated the same. There is to much congo in saint Vincent. You all government will hold the people who did not vote for them malice, which I think is disgusting. You vote for the people of your choice. A face lift needed in the government down there.

  2. A single party in power for 21 years has been there too long. So much time in authority leads to corruption, indifference to the populace, and abuse of power. Thinking Vincentian voters need to get rid of the established dictator.

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