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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (Facebook Live file photo)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (Facebook Live file photo)

Dear Sir,  

This is a brief reminder to Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. 

Your government was wrong and not honourable to dismiss me from my job because I did not take a vaccine that fail the world. 

Thanks to “omicron” that did what the vaccine was to do. Hence, I write this letter to remind you I am still not paid for being dismiss for no good reason. You can keep the jab and the job but pay me, starting from December 2021 when your government withheld my salary. 

I had to send you this reminder after reading something about amending teachers’ pension bill. Laughable, ridiculous, vexing. Mr. Prime Minister, yo right in your head? Are you going senile? How yo go, go talking about being fair to teachers and have me home with no income for no apparent reason. 

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Mr. Prime Minister, two things are happening here: 

1. You are putting the cart before the horse.
2. While the grass is growing the horse is starving 

My dear Prime Minister, get Camillo to help you where you are missing it, that’s why he is there. 

Your dismiss Teacher Ms Palma Warrick 

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9 replies on “PM, yo right in you head? ”

  1. The sanity of PM mind should seriously be question. The firing of public servants prominently for a temporary act.Is insane the PM have lost every legal fight against public servants for wrongful dismissal. The PM is showing that age do matter and if the ULP love him they should not allow school children to laugh at him while he is in office it’s time help him. Am calling on all ULP supporters to ask the PM to go home in peace.

  2. Elma Gabrie Mayers says:

    Ms Palma Warrick; can you tell me: what are the perquisites for persons to get published with I-witness news media?

  3. Although the issue is indeed a serious one, based on the poor grammatical content of this letter I am left to conclude that the writer can never be a teacher. If she is, then wow!

  4. Duke DeArment says:

    This person is asking the PM a reasonable question. Realize the the PM was doing what his world bosses wanted him to do. Now that other countries (not SVG) have also figured out that not only are the shots a very bad idea, but also that the masks are for uninformed cowards, since they were proven to be useless from the beginning.
    Now, if we had reasonable leaders in the world, all those idiots that jumped on the vaccine/ mandates bandwagon should feel really stupid because they should have to pay compensation to all those they have injured, physically as well as financially.
    I will always laugh when I think of those who criticized my comments on this site at the beginning of Corona. Now I get to say “I told you so”.
    BEWARE: Bill and Tony have other viruses in waiting. Omicron was a blessing but what will they release next? Watch out for a virus from the Pentagon’s bio labs, so they can blame it on Russia!

  5. Your question is very timely and pointed Warrick. Wrong is wrong. I stand resolutely with you and all teachers in South Central Windward. In fact all those state workers who are now jobless because…….

  6. I hoped that you all remember all these treatments when election comes around because he’s coming with his bribe take it and vote them out your jobs are safer with the ulp

  7. Keith Murray says:

    At the time that was the requirement not only in st Vincent but almost the world ok so you choose to stop working because you had a choice and you make your decision so stop blaming the government blame yourself

  8. Sorry Lady but because of the vaccinations population around the world life is beginning to be normal none of us lived through a pandemic decisions has to be made .Thanks to vaccines .Speak to ppl who were directly affected by the virus and because of the vaccine they are alive.Everyone has to stand by their decisions. Instead you listen to all the armchair specialist.Instead of the ppl who were trained specialists. can someone who is not a teacher come to tell you how to teach of course not they are not trained..The PM must be responsible. .

  9. Nathen Green says:

    He looks like his days are numbered and he is on the downward exit the world slope. That yellow appearance may only be emanating from the stripe on his back, or he may be genuinely counting the days.

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