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Ralph GOnsalves Conviasa

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, centre, at a ceremony at Argyle International Airport to welcome the return of Convisa to St. Vincent on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. (Photo: AIA Inc./Facebook)

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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves returned to St. Vincent on Tuesday, after 10 days in Venezuela, four of which were spent in hospital.

Gonsalves, who turns 76 in August, flew to Caracas on Easter Sunday, April 17, after complaining of a pain in his right side on Holy Thursday.

He returned to SVG on the first flight to the country by Conviasa, the flag carrier and largest airline of Venezuela, which will be flying from Caracas to Argyle once weekly.

Gonsalves said his four days in hospital in Caracas were spent doing “a battery of tests and having other treatment…

“I want to thank all the doctors and nurses and the government and people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for their kind assistance in helping me restore my health very much.”

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Gonsalves also thanked Vincentians and people across the world who expressed solidarity with him in “the time of my brief incapacitation” and for their prayers and their support.

“Equally, I am sorry to disappoint — or maybe I am pleased to disappoint those who don’t quite have my interest at heart and who had me dead. I am sure that you notice that the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am in good health. “The questions which my doctors in St. Vincent posed … were interrogated thoroughly in Venezuela and other queries about my health were interrogated and I am pleased to say they all have been answered favourably toward me. Those who anticipate that I am about to kick the bucket, I am around; very much around. Thank you, very much, almighty God.”

A question that might be lingering in the minds of Vincentians though, relates to the reason for what appeared to be a bandage on the prime minister’s left hand.

The prime minister said nothing about the apparent bandage during his address at the airport. 

5 replies on “Gonsalves returns to St. Vincent after 4 days in hospital in Venezuela”

  1. Why should you be even making comments about who saying this or that about your health. You are the PM and the people of this country should know what is wrong with you.

  2. Well it wasn’t people trying to assassinate him, one of his favourite tune. The gluton probably had a stomach gas which could have been helped with alcaseltzer and a burp. From the pictures he was having a gas overthere.

  3. Glad that you can afford the luxury of flying out, hope you make a full recovery, problem is quite simple though, the poorer section of the land you govern cant afford such luxuries, so one thinks they will end up in that place you call a hospital, the 5* place you have for the poor begins with M and has a K in it…. this will never get published anyway LOL

  4. Take warning says:

    But looking at you physically. do you think you
    are you looking that mhealthy ? Mr. Mac you are so correct, the citizens should know about his health status.

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