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Bramble cheque handover

Parliamentary Representative for East Kingstown, Dwight Fitzgerald “Fitz” Bramble has presented a cheque for EC$2,015.17 to the family of Dorian Woodley of Mala Village, Sion Hill.

It represented the first of two donations to the Dorian Woodley Medical Fund. Woodley is in Trinidad receiving medical attention.

The fundraiser, consisting of a car wash and BBQ, was held at Sion Hill Junction in March.

 “Bramble and Team Bramble volunteers endeavours to undertake another fundraiser to further support the Dorian Woodley Medical Fund,” a press release said.

Frank Clarke, project chair and Bramble handed over the cheque to Dorian’s father, Hassan Woodley.

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The family thanked Bramble and his group for the kind gesture and advised that Dorian had made some progress since entering the Trinidad hospital.

Also on hand to witness the presentation were other members of the Woodley family and some executive members of the New Democratic Party East Kingstown Constituency Division.

6 replies on “MP donates to constituent’s medical bills  ”

  1. Gov’t could have matched the amount seeing that is taxpayers money what is used for paying for the PM overseas medical expenses and his frequent trips abroad.

  2. peter geswali says:

    Bramble don’t have two nickels to rub together. Trinidad doesn’t have beds for the local people, Where is this person is going to sleep?

  3. If only we have a proper government in svg, we won’t have to do anything like this, the peoples are the assets of the country and sadly enough there are no one there to look after them, they only think about themselves and their family

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