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Delegates at the meeting in Suriname.
Delegates at the meeting in Suriname.
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is leading a three-member delegation to the 43rd Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the CARICOM in Paramaribo, Suriname.

The other members of the delegation are Minister of the Public Service, Consumer Affairs and Sports, Frederick Stephenson and Ken Morris, budget director in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

The agenda of the meeting, which ends today, updates on COVID-19 and other emerging health issues, security issues, the situation in Haiti, advancing the CARICOM Agro Food Systems Agenda Prioritising Regional Food and Nutrition Security, climate change, and development of a CARICOM Industrial Policy. 

The delegation is expected to return to St. Vincent on Wednesday.

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15 replies on “Gonsalves leads delegation to CARICOM meeting in Suriname”

  1. Obviously PM wanted to give Stephenson a mini holiday. Base on the agenda, you think he would have taken the agricultural planner or such officers.

  2. Ralph Gonsalves please quit politics we need fresh minds not your wutliss selfserving politics.

  3. He appeared to be fast asleep and that can only be translated as gross disrespect pf the speaker and the whole conference. What an absolute disgrace brought upon the people of SVG.

  4. dancing hop scotch in Dubai and catching some zzzzzeees in south America the bang guts one just wouldn’t quit.

  5. Anslem Kirby says:

    IWN, please stop bigging up your world bass! One picture is worth a thousand words. So your headline ought to reflect something like this: “Rome (SVG) Burns Whilst The Emperor Sleeps”.
    The entire Caricom delegation broke out in uncontrollable laughter as President Santokhi of Suriname made a mockery of the 3 man SVG delegation’s video clip which promoted this Government’s pursuit of courting Medical Marijuana foreign investments and advertising SVG as the destination to get your drug induced “high”; instead of addressing more pressing issues here at home, eg: Food Security and Poverty, Rising Serious Crime Rate, Youth Unemployment, Out of control Food & Fuel Prices, Covid still affecting us, our Failing economy, the Fleecing of our Patrimony as the Government secretively hold Yard-sales and sweet deal contracts in exchange for our lands in order to forestall it’s payment of monthly salaried government employees. .. the list is endless!
    The Caricom Heads meeting allegedly discussed Haiti’s economy dilemma; but SVG is currently placed only one step ahead of Haiti which sits stuck at the lowest level for GDP rating in the region! Was our situation addressed at this conference?
    IWN, please don’t fall into the spider’s web like most of the other so-called news outlets. It seems like you are our last hope for “speaking truth to power”. So continue to question more! Ask the tough questions to which the people need answers; peel away at the surface, then tell us the full truth. We depend on you and your independence from pressure and reluctance/resistance to ‘sip the Kool Aid or nibble carrot’. Change is in the air.

  6. Lard, u raily cyan mek dis op. Hahaha hehehe. Hu da roung guts, gray here man pon d front ro day? Laik hee diside fo tek a nap, e ain’t intrestid in dat.
    Dat cyan b d leeda over d carrycome deligashon.

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