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Bequia terminal building
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By concerned citizen

This is to express my concern at what seems to be the never-ending ongoing repairs of the terminal building at the JF Mitchell Airport in Bequia.

Firstly, let me state that the Bequia airport is the lifeline of tourism on the island.

During the tourist season, it averages 12 flights per day — scheduled, chartered and private flights.

In March 2021, some much-needed rehabilitation works commenced on the terminal building, mostly repairing the roof.

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What was supposed to be a three-month project, sadly, is into its 15th month.

The airport remains open while operations shifts from one section or the other to facilitate the work, albeit at a slow pace, with material hard to come by or non-existent most of the time.

Some sections of the roof remain incomplete and when it rains, one either has to dodge rainwater or place empty buckets to catch the water, especially in the offices.

In the check-in area, the passengers have to be running from getting soaked, the toilet doors can’t close and some of the doors are hanging on by one screw.

It’s very embarrassing and we talk about tourism being our number one revenue earner.

We are, once again, approaching the tourist season and, certainly, we can’t have the Bequia airport in this state.

So, I am begging the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the relevant authorities to please put things in place for the rehabilitation work to be completed and to ensure the airport functions as it ought to.

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2 replies on “Complete Bequia airport repairs, I beg”

  1. Dem.wah bill seaport an day cyaan even maintain the existing infrastuture. I can see already that the seaport is going to cost more and tek longer to finish dan wat day saying an evryting else is goin to continue to suffer as usual

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