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The defendant, Lamont George outside Georgetown Magistrate's Court.
The defendant, Lamont George outside Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

A Diamond man has been fined and ordered to pay compensation in connection with a stabbing incident at a football match in Georgetown.

Lamont George, 23, pleaded guilty at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court to a charge that on Aug. 21, at Chilli Village, Georgetown, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Kevron Letteen, of Georgetown.

He also pleaded guilty to a charge that on that same occasion, he damaged one blue and red jersey, valued at EC$50, Letteen’s property, and he was reckless as to whether such property could be damaged.

The facts, presented by Police Constable 818 Stay, are that both men know each other but are not friends.

On the date in question, about 6:30 p.m., both men were at Chilli when they began exchanging words, which resulted in a fight.

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The defendant removed an object from his waist and stabbed Letteen under his left eye.

George attempted to stab Letteen a second time but the object snagged the left side of the sleeve of Letteen’s jersey, causing it to rip.

Letteen left the scene of the incident to seek medical attention then reported the matter to the police.

George was arrested and charged.

In mitigation, George told the court that after the incident, he made a report to Letteen’s mother and reported the incident to the police.

“This happened at a sporting event. So, you went equipped and prepared,” Magistrate Bertie Pompey told George.

“I had a [pair of] scissors. I normally smoke weed and I needed the scissors to cut up weed,” the defendant responded.

The magistrate told George he could have cut up his marijuana at home.

“Now I know I will start cutting up at home,” he responded.

“I don’t have to tell you that! You’re not a barber; you’re not a tailor. You went with the intention to use the scissors,” Pompey said

On the wounding charge, the magistrate ordered the defendant to pay a fine of EC$500 in one month or spend three months in prison

For damage to property, George was ordered to pay compensation of EC$50 in one month or serve one month in prison.

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  1. This fool should of spend some jail time for what he did, stabbing someone is no joke, he got away with this savage behaviour and will likely repeat it. The justice system sucks real bad.

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