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Bequia Express, whose vessels are pictured here, will provide the transportation between St. Vincent and St. Lucia.
Bequia Express, whose vessels are pictured here, will provide the transportation between St. Vincent and St. Lucia.

Caribbean Travel Movement has announced a new ferry service between St. Lucia and St. Vincent.
This new ferry service, to be operated by Bequia Express, is expected to start in the second week of January, Caribbean Travel Movement said in a press release.

“This new ferry service between the islands is very important as it will provide a much-needed transportation link between the two islands. Visitors will now be able to travel back and forth without having to go through the hassle of changing planes nor would they be required to spend over a thousand dollars as our introductory price is only EC$450 for a return ticket and CARICOM children under 12 travel free,” the press statement said.

A one-way trip is expected to take 4.5 hours and the service would initially be a weekly one. 

It noted that citizens of each country only need and ID card (or passports) for travel.
“We know that many people have been waiting for this ferry service to become available,” the company said.

“The boat is very large as it holds 250 passengers and can transport not just people but also cargo and vehicles. It is comfortable, and our staff is friendly and knowledgeable,” the press release said.

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It added:

“This is just one more step towards regional integration as we expect to host visiting sports clubs, young entrepreneurs and simply international stayover tourists visiting either island.  We’re certainly excited and Caribbean Travel Movement looks forward to welcoming all on board soon!”

Caribbean Travel Movement, which was established in 2015, says it is a legally registered organisation that promotes regional travel among other services.

“The company originates from St. Lucia but has expanded since then and currently operates from several islands with staff throughout them all,” the company said.  

38 replies on “St. Lucia-St. Vincent ferry service to commence in January”

  1. It is too expensive. What is it in St. Vincent I have to go for, can I travel with Marijuana? Is there something significant I will buy or see?

  2. This is great news for inter island travel I wish it had started last week it will make such a difference.

  3. This is sooooo great I am certain that service will bring lots of revenue to the islands I for one would love to use this service I am st Lucian but lives in Barbados and would hope that it can service Barbados I love sailing but crusing is so expensive and I can’t afford it but with this one I would like to sail thank you ferry.

  4. Cingrats! A very good initiative indeed. This will surely ease the financial and mental burden of travelling by air in a big way. Not so much good news for certain airlines that operate that route though. They’ll now have to step up their game.

  5. I am glad it’s finally here, but disappointed with the price. I might as well take a plane and be there in 20 mins, and without any sea sickness too. Shame it couldn’t be cheaper.

  6. Congratulations are in order for the organizers and boat operators of Bequia. Great boost for travel between these two sister islands. Your efforts are much appreciated!! Wish you all a bright and prosperous New Year!!

  7. Keifer Vitalis says:

    It is great news to hear! Long overdue but glad it is happening. I wish the company success in this inter island venture!

  8. This is excellent news and it will surely impact the cost of traveing in the region. A return ticket to Vincy-Lucia route of $450 EC$ is a steal when you look at the comparative cost of Air Travel in the region. The public should support this nacent enterprise. It will serve the public good. However, the operators must not compromise safety and must demonstrate safety on all voyage similiar to boarding a plane. Reliable schedule should also not be taken lightly.

  9. Jonathan Auguste says:

    – Is there a cheaper cost for groups?
    – What’s the cost for transporting cars, bikes, atvs so we don’t have problems renting?
    – what’s the procedure to bring my vehicle, customs and all that nonsense. We are oecs so that should be easy.
    Thanks for that service, long overdue.

  10. We are reminded of the glorious days of the Federal Maple and the Federal Palm. One wonders what the West Indies Federation would look like today had it survived.

  11. This is wonderful. I always want to visit Saint Lucia. Go for a day and come back the next day. I live in the states now. But this is good.

  12. I recall hearing about this initiative a few years ago but it’s finally here. Great! I’m very happy for this new development. Yes, progress indeed! I hope you extend to Grenada and Trinidad eventually.

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