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The bloodshed that rounded off 2022 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, setting a new record for homicides in the country in one year, continued on New Year’s Day.

The country has recorded its first homicide for 2023 on the first day of the New Year.

Dead is Selwyn Foye, a 46-old-farmer of Carriere.

iWitness News was reliably informed that police were notified around 2 a.m. today (Sunday) of a man lying on the Collins-Evesham by-pass road with what appeared to be gunshots wound about his body.

Police later responded but Foye succumbed to his injuries.

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Two killings over Christmas holidays drove the homicide count in 2022 to 42, shattering the previous record, 40, set in 2016.  

4 replies on “Bloody start to New Year in St. Vincent”

  1. When all this killing is going to stop, It’s about time the government should have an amnesty for license and none license guns holder, for about 1 year to hand in their guns and within that time any one found with a gun must spent the rest of their lives in PRISON

  2. Once, I read police was involved in setting a truce with two rival factions. Imagine this utter nonsense, as a law abiding taxpayer, I should be very concerned. This should never be allowed in our society, you ought to sort these people out and get them off the street or you toe tag these fellas.

  3. Most definitely,we need law and order in my country,its a shame,St.Vincent gone to the dogs, too many guns on the loose,surely the police knows where the guns are,St.Vincent is a very small island so it should not be hard to find the guns or the police are corrupt?it should be life sentence and LIFE should mean LIFE,throw away the keys.God help us all,one live

  4. There is one soulution change the worst of the worst criterion for capital punishement and you will see what happen. Why should English law apply to us? Even the CCJ will not come to our rescue given the fact that bleading heart liberals and socialist such as Sunders theaded that institution. God help us because the punishment no longer fits the crime as in Regina v Sussex.

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