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Eight young people from Calliaqua took the opportunity to try the sport of sailing during their Christmas break.

Mother-and-daughter team of Mishka and Misha Young worked with the young people of Calliaqua and they signed up seven girls and one boy for the two-day sail camp at Blue Lagoon Marina.

With coaching provided by Vincy Sailing Club, the sailors were treated to two days of fun on the waters of Blue Lagoon and Calliaqua Bay.

Bright sunshine, strong trade winds and the occasional squall gave fantastic conditions for fast sailing and capsize practice. The fleet ended the camp with a fun sail to Young Island beach.

Team photo

All sailors were awarded certificates of participation and a few of them are keen to take the next steps in the sport by attending the Learn to Sail programme.

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“SVG Sailing Association is committed to a sailing programme that teaches sailing skills within the community. The main aim is to have fun, but also to discover talent, be it to represent SVG in international competitions or to gain vocational qualifications for careers in the industry,” the group said in a statement. 

The eight sailors are Chevorn Alexander, Maxine Walters, Tavia Martin, Ashylo McKree, Chelsea Cumberbatch, Kyandra Ashton, LaShanda Harry and Summer Joseph.

The Vincy Sailing coaching team: Shamesh Joseph, Rohanna  Warren, Zyhon Wilkes, Tegan Deane, Kai Marks-Dasent, Scarlett Hadley, Logan Banfiled and Gabe Orritt.

One reply on “8 youth take part in Calliaqua Sail Camp”

  1. Fantastic! Finally somebody listened to my cries to do something like this. I hope this is just the beginning and it will spread throughout the island, especially during vacation time. If there is a plan then please let us know and we can help to get folks to make contributions to the cause.
    Keep in mind it must be organized to benefit rich, poor and those between. Let’s see a plan and I will surely participate.

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