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A Facebook photo of medical marijuana growing in St. Vincent.

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A  local security firm says it foiled an attempt by “at least 5 assailants” to break into a local medical marijuana compound. 

Sheriff PSS Inc. said in a statement today (Friday) that the incident at a company located in Queensbury, Vermont occurred around 2 a.m.

“The live-in caretaker on the estate was injured during the incident and taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital by Sheriff PSS Inc for medical attention.”

The firm said that at least one of the assailants was armed with a gun and one with a cutlass.

“Our armed security operative engaged the bandits directly, firing several shots, causing the bandits to flee, without being able to break into the building and storage rooms,” the firm said.

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But said that the company’s operations control was contacted and its Executive Director Jason Greene and Operations Commander, Mr. Cox responded immediately to provide additional support. 

“The police was contacted and responded promptly within 15 minutes,” the firm said.