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Black women
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By Thoughts of a Black Woman

I am of the impression that a lot of Black men do not value Black women.

Now, hear me out. This lack of value goes back to slavery and is associated with inferiority complex. Yes, the enslavement of Black people was the most dehumanizing act ever recorded in history.

White men openly raped and abused Black women while parading White women as trophies in the faces of Black men. It has been imprinted on our minds an in our culture that anything Black “nah really good”. The thinking goes into relationships.

The killings that are being reported in the news are the extremes, but domestic abuse is taking place in many of our Caribbean homes. In the interest of brevity, I will stick to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A lot of men are emotionally, verbally and physically abusing their women, and some women speak out while others choose to stay quiet.

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Black women, stay lit. Know your history and know your value in Christ.

A lot of Black men don’t really value most Black women! Yes, they might have children with you, build houses with you and even marry you, but deep down inside, you are there because they feel that you are good enough for them, not because they feel you are good!

And that is why a man can use a cutlass, a knife or a gun on a woman who has already carried his child. If given the opportunity, you will see how many men will move on to “greener pastures”. I believe this is one of the reasons why cheating is so prevalent.

When 106 years old McLaurin met President Barack Obama and his wife, I will never forget one of the things she said.

“A Black president with a Black wife!” she exclaimed. Why? More often than not, most Black men who attain such a status will not have a Black wife.

Once again, I urge women of my nation to know your history and know your worth in Christ, and I urge men of my nation to really reflect on your value system before you take on the responsibility of someone else’s girl child.

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4 replies on “Are Black women really valued in SVG?”

  1. Its amazing to see at these times in life 2023 there is so much mention of black and white.we seem content about pointing out a specific race but the same races see level on confusing.let go black and white they are not the only race or color in the world

  2. nancysauldemers says:

    Dear Thoughts of a Black Woman – I would take your premise a step further and suggest that all women, regardless of colour, are not valued in SVG. While slavery may well have been one of the factors that led to this, I suggest that rampant misogyny – revealed by the prevalent rape culture, in which women are blamed for men’s criminal thoughts and actions- is a more direct cause. Far too often, the blame for sexual assaults, rapes and pregnancies of underage girls is placed squarely on the women and girls themselves with comments such as “she wasn’t dressed appropriately” or “her behaviour was “slutty”” or “she shouldn’t have been there.” Women, let’s teach our boy children to respect and value women so that we don’t have to continue teaching our girl children how to avoid rape.

  3. whilst this may be somewhat true and almost relevant, i must also asked the question, do our black women really value themselves, in order to allow them to be valued by others?
    you spoke of teaching out boys to respect women which aslo id far alarming in the society that we live in today, yet no one speaks of adorning our daughters and girls in a away that projects modesty and as the author of the article mention to stay in Christ. where is the “clothed with salavation” bit? we seems to only depict part of the issue but not the entirety of the problem.
    Don’t get me wrong i dont support or condone disrespect or abuse in any form or fashion but we should go back ole skool where “manners and behaviour begins at home”. A child can only exhibit what they learnt at home, because school is only to enhance learning capacity.

  4. Why will anyone value them when they don’t even value themselves. They have the strongest voice to help make their life and the lives of their children and grandchildren better, but they have chose too sit down and just accept what is given to them, instead of breaking down doors to make sure that they get what they truly deserve.
    Black women you are the voice of the nation use it, if not for you do it for your child and grandchildren. Ask yourself do you want them to continue to barely surviving for the rest of their lives.

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