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Radio personality in a photo published to Facebook on Oct. 6, 2020.
Radio personality in a photo published to Facebook on Oct. 6, 2020.
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Opposition spokesperson and media personality Colin Graham was, on Tuesday, resting at home after collapsing on air one day earlier as he hosted the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) daily radio show.

Opposition Leader and NDP President Godwin Friday gave an update on Graham’s situation on Boom FM, on Tuesday. 

He said Graham was kept in hospital until Monday night and was released after some tests.

Friday said he had been in touch with Graham earlier on Tuesday morning and he indicated that he had “rested comfortably” Monday night.

Asked whether Graham would undergo further tests, Friday said he would encourage Graham  to do so, adding that he thinks that the activist would do so.

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“But that’s something that, I guess, he will speak more about,” Friday said. 

“I don’t want to talk too much about his decision making and so forth. But, yes, this would certainly be my advice to him because that’s what I would do for myself and I would recommend it to you, too.”

The opposition leader said it was “a really terrible, scary experience” listening, as he was preparing for his weekly appearance on the show, as Graham fell ill on live radio.

“… suddenly, his voice went off and there was heavy breathing and then Gypsy ran into the studio because apparently he had fallen ill,” he said, referring to a NICE Radio staff member. 

“Very, very scary; so we left and went to the studio right away and got him down to the hospital and they had him there for a while, checked them out,” said Friday, who had indicated on Monday that he was listening to the programme from the NDP’s headquarters on Murray’s Road.  

“Of course, when we got to the studio, this was about 10 minutes after the episode, maybe less than that, he was up, he had had some tea and he was alert and, of course, Colin, saying that we were making too much,” Friday said. 

“But, of course, we were making sure that he got proper attention, went to the hospital. And he was there up until last night and they had done some tests on him and released. I was in touch with him this morning and he said that he rested comfortably last night and so of course he will follow up,” Friday said. 

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