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The 15-year-old murder accused outside the Serious Offences Court, in Kingstown on Monday, March 6, 2023.
The 15-year-old murder accused outside the Serious Offences Court, in Kingstown on Monday, March 6, 2023.
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The 15-year-old youth jointly charged with murder over the March 2 death of a Georgetown man is a Special Needs student, his family has confirmed to iWitness News.

They further said he came home late on the night that the killing is believed to have occurred.

When one of his relatives asked him the following day where he had been, the youth said he had gone with a friend “to watch a scary movie”.

The teen, who cannot be named because of his age, is jointly charged with the Javid Dasilva, aka Shadeek and Kulie, 22, of Caratal, Georgetown, that on March 2, at Georgetown, with malice aforethought they caused the death of Sheldon Welch, 27, of Caratal, Georgetown by an unlawful act.

Welch, who is also known as “Butters’, is Dasilva’s brother.

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The teen’s family told iWitness News in Georgetown, on Tuesday, that they were still trying to process the news of the youth’s alleged involvement in the killing.   

Javid Dasilva 1
Murder accused, Javid Dasilva outside the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown, on Monday, March 6, 2023.

The teen’s mother told iWitness News that she “felt” bad about the development.

She said she found out about her son’s alleged involvement when police came to his home on Saturday and arrested the teen after reading a warrant to the youth in the presence of other people at the house.

“He is quiet and he goes to Special Needs school. He is slow in his book,” the mother said, with another relative adding “really slow”.

The mother said:

“He would understand when you say certain things and certain things he won’t understand. You would have to continually repeat until he understands what you are saying.”

The mother said that the child was not at home the night when the killing is alleged to have taken place and was “normal’ when he returned.

She, however, added that her son does not speak much.

They said her son and Dasilva are friends and the youth is a very helpful person.

“If you come and tell him, ‘Help me jorgue (carry) that sand, he will help you. He is a person like that. If you call him to do anything he will help you,” she said.

Another relative said that the youth will join in and help anyone doing concrete work without even being asked.

“Anything he comes and meets you doing, you don’t have to ask him. He will come and join in with you,” the mother said.

“He is a person like that. He is a kind hearted person.”

Sheldon Welch
The deceased, Sheldon Welch. (Photo: Facebook)

The youth’s grandmother said that she was going to take him to the doctor on Saturday when police arrested him.

“He was crying for his back,” she said, adding that he had been having ongoing back pain.

“The head teacher told me that he complains about back pains in school,” the grandmother said.

They were not sure whether the police had taken him to see a doctor.

The grandmother said she started to cry when she heard that her grandson was being arrested for murder.

The family confirmed that when they asked the youth on Saturday why he had come home so late he said he had gone with a friend “to watch a scary movie”.

“But I didn’t ask him what kind of scary movie. I told him when he goes out, he should know what time to come home.

A source unconnected to the family told iWitness News that it was usual for the teen to watch movies at the home of a particular friend.

The family said that the development is especially challenging for their family as they are not originally from Georgetown, and there had been some pre-existing tensions in the community.

They, however, said that many villagers had expressed their support.

The family said they were affected by some of the allegations on social media that were being made against the minor since he was charged.

The mother said that some people, including the police, had shared photos of the child online.

The police had initially published the name and a mugshot of the accused child online, but subsequently deleted it.  

The teen’s mother told iWitness News that people had shared online photos of the youth that were unrelated to him being charged.

iWitness News was reliably informed on Tuesday that a third person was being charged with murder in connection with the killing and would appear in court today (Wednesday).

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  1. Is it related to some form of molestation??? I have so many questions and this poor baby involved in something his poor mind cant fathom. pay attention to your kids,extra attention to your special need kids..

  2. Amelia Murray says:

    I don’t know why a lot of people keep commenting all kinds of negative comments of this , if y’all don’t know anything then mind y’all business and stop commenting nonsense because if it was one of y’all or y’all family member you wouldn’t want anyone to speak bad or comment and carry rumors on u or family member about the situation just remember that y’all are humans to and so are they everybody makes mistakes nobody ain’t perfect u never know what a person is going through no matter what expression they have on their faces looks are deceiving and ah last thing y’all never know what might happen to uno to . that’s all I gotta say I don’t give two flying fxck way anybody war say bout my comment deal with

  3. Amelia you sound like a bonafide moron of the highest level. If you cannot think rationally then shut your mouth. The old adage hold true the higher the monkey climbs the more it exposed its rectum.

  4. i don’t have anything against any of them. but life is what we have to live the 15 year old i think he needs to be in the Olympics games he can run that’s the only thing I know about him just can’t believe to see him in this condition of his life. it’s hard to judge him in this kind of actions. if i was a judge like or dislike if he didn’t kill him I would free him. we are vincentian we can have a fruit without a tree and tree needs roots and someone to plant it

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