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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in an April 5, 2023 photo.
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves in an April 5, 2023 photo.

Government-owned schools and hard courts will not be used to host fetes, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has announced, further reducing the places where entertainment events can be held.

He made the announcement on Wednesday as he spoke of government investments in Georgetown, the regional capital of northeastern St. Vincent.

He said there was a basic hard court in a part of the town which the National Lotteries authority upgrades. The new sports facility will be opened, tentatively on April 25, Gonsalves said.

“By the way, let me say this, I understand from some sports people that some individuals have circulated some leaflets that they are going to have a fete there sometime. I just want to tell them and everybody else that there will be no fete in any school, no fete on any hard court,” the prime minister said.

“They mash up these things. I am just making it up very plain. These things can take place in open air, you can put tents, you can put all kinds of various things,” he said.

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Gonsalves said that some of these types of events can be held in open air, adding, “you just secure the perimeter properly so that when people come in, they can pay.

“But we have to maintain these things properly. I know there is going to be a gospel event at the Chilli Playing Field,” he said, referring to another Georgetown community.

“That’s a different thing. Entirely different business,” the prime minister said.    

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