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Eddy Smith.
Eddy Smith.
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By Eddy Smith

The preliminary results of the 2023 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) have filled us with immense pride and optimism for the future. To all the phenomenal students who excelled in the CPEA exams, particularly the boys from Windsor Primary School, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic, Fair Hall Primary School, Kingstown Preparatory School, and Sugar Mill Academy, we celebrate your accomplishments. You have demonstrated the power of discipline, resilience, and aspiration. As you approach secondary school, carry forward the flame of excellence that has ignited your academic journey so far. Bear in mind the words of the great Albert Einstein, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

But let us not overlook those who might be feeling disappointed with their results. A crucial message to you: don’t be discouraged. This is merely a stepping stone on your journey, let this be a catalyst for reflection and perseverance. It is merely a moment in time and should not discourage your future efforts. Consider the profound words of Napoleon Hill, “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” Every stumble is a stepping stone, every setback a setup for a comeback.

Transitioning to secondary school is a privilege many around the world can only dream of. Do not take it lightly, instead, embrace it as a remarkable opportunity to grow, learn, and manifest your potential. Your journey is unfolding, and every moment, every lesson, is a crucial part of it.

Parents, you hold a central role in shaping the future of our nation through your children. Your influence in their lives at this critical juncture cannot be overstated. Continue to guide and support them through this transformative phase, with love, discipline, and encouragement as the foundation of their journey. 

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Remember that your responsibilities extend beyond the confines of your home. The values you instil in your children today will be reflected in the way they treat others, respond to life’s challenges, and contribute to society tomorrow. 

These times are marked by societal challenges and moral complexities. Against this backdrop, your role becomes even more paramount. As you lead your children onto the right path, keep in mind that your influence is key to reversing the tide of moral decay in society. Your actions are not only shaping your children’s future but also the trajectory of our nation. By steadfastly committing to your child’s growth and development, you are actively participating in the creation of a better society, fostering future leaders, innovators, and change-makers.

To the esteemed educators the architects of knowledge, your influence reaches far beyond the classroom walls. The valuable work you do, the lessons you impart, and the wisdom you share cultivate the minds of our young ones. And this task is no small feat, it is a noble calling, fortified by passion and purpose.

Indeed, challenges may surface, but they pale in comparison to the impact you have. With every lesson plan, every assessment, every word of encouragement, you etch your mark on the minds of our students, guiding them towards a brighter future. You are not simply teaching subjects, but rather, you are feeling curiosity, fostering critical thinking, and promoting lifelong learning.

Let us not forget that our children’s journey towards greatness is significantly shaped by your diligent efforts. You provide them with the tools to think, to question, and to understand the world around them. We look to you, now more than ever, as pillars of this essential task. 

As such, let this serve as both a heartfelt appreciation for your efforts and a gentle reminder of the important role you play. A reminder to maintain your dedication, to strive for excellence, and to consistently uplift and inspire our students. Your profession isn’t just about teaching — it’s about changing lives. And we trust in your ability to do this, one student at a time.

As we all traverse this journey of growth and learning, let us keep sight of the long game. Excellence is not an end, but a process. It calls for courage, determination, and a steadfast spirit. As the wise Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Embrace this journey, let greatness be your destination, and always remember, the best is yet to come!

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