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Deana Fairbairn pose with the mural at Lowmans Hill.
Deana Fairbairn pose with the mural at Lowmans Hill.
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Deana Fairbairn, contestant number 3 in the Miss SVG 2023 pageant, completed her community service project between Aug. 28 and Sept. 2.

Fairbairn, who is sponsored by Play 4, conducted the project under the theme “The Orange Village”.

“I am elated to say it was a success despite the countless difficulties,” Fairbairn said, adding that the week involved a sip and paint, a mural painting, a “creative session”, a food and wine festival and a charity festival. 

“This project was special for me because it was my dream to give back to my community. Thanks to GECCU for sponsoring this project and persons who partnered with me to make this dream a reality,” Fairbairn said.

“What mostly stood out throughout my week of activities is the mural painting [at Lowmans Hill]! It warms my heart every single time and I know it makes my fellow villagers proud.

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A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported, contributed and participated.”

The contestant said the mural is “a depiction of the Orange Village and what the orange economy stands for”, adding that the orange economy is rooted in creativity, involving arts, culture, research, science, and technology.

Deana Fairbairn

“I am utterly overwhelmed by how the wall turned out in under 12 hours. That being said creativity fuh all ah wi when it comes to the orange village.”

Fairbairn said that on Aug. 28, a sip and paint at the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School “to kick start the orange village”.

On Aug. 30, the mural painting was completed in one day, which was followed the next day by a creative session in which students were educated on the creative industry.

“We had dance lessons and arts and crafts,” Fairbairn said.

She said the food and wine festival basically showcased and promoted locally-made products.

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