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Tara Richardson
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Tara Richardson, contestant number 8 in the Miss SVG 2023 pageant, is conducting a dental awareness week among students of Grades 1 & 2 at Barrouallie Government School as her community project.

Richardson, who is sponsored by JCI St. Vincent, will conduct the project under the theme “Smile Bright: Each Child Deserves a Bright Smile.”

“This endeavour aims to shed light on the critical role dental health plays in the overall well-being of our young generation,” Richardson said.

“The importance of maintaining a bright and healthy smile cannot be overstated,” she further stated, adding that dental health is not only about aesthetics.

“It is a cornerstone of our overall physical and emotional health.”

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The week of activities began on Monday with an introductory session at the Barrouallie Government School, where Richardson engaged students, laying the foundation for a week of learning and fun. 

At Tuesday’s “On Arts and Craft Day”, students had the opportunity to express their creativity while learning about dental health through hands-on activities. 

Today (Wednesday), students will meet “Tootie”, the dental mascot, and enjoy movie time that combines entertainment with important lessons about oral hygiene. 

On Thursday, the “All Smiles Dental Team” will make a special visit to the school, providing students with valuable insights into dental care and answering their questions. 

Then, the week will culminate in a kids’ fun day, filled with games, laughter, and interactive activities, all designed to reinforce the importance of maintaining healthy smiles.

“Together, with your help, we’ll empower the students to maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime, nurturing a brighter future for all. Dental awareness is a vital part of overall health,” Richardson said.

The events are held under the theme “Smile Bright: Each Child Deserves a Bright Smile”. 

A press release said:

“Together, they are sowing the seeds of good dental hygiene, contributing to the well-being of these young minds and fostering a brighter future for all. Smile bright, for the journey to a healthier, happier generation begins here.”