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By Crusader

The series “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” and the “10th Actuarial Review” have two things in common. Both are inaccessible and missing. Amidst all the consultations that are being held by the National Insurance Services (NIS), there is one giant question that looms on the horizon: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE 10TH ACTUARIAL REVIEW?

The 10th Actuarial Review covers the three-year period from 2014 to 2016 and is purported to have been completed since Dec. 15, 2017. The NIS Act states that the actuarial review should be conducted every three years. This review should be reported to the minister, who must then promptly lay a copy in the House of Assembly. That is the law. See Section 17 of the NIS Act.


It is not online like the 11th Actuarial Review. One cannot get a physical copy from the NIS, as authorisation has to be given by the Director of the NIS, and the authorisation is seemingly never given. What is really going on?

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If the 10th Actuarial Review is not done and it is not presented, then surely the director, Stuart Haynes, must be held accountable for the delayed review and publication of reports that concern the money of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) — the PEOPLE’s money.

The 10th Actuarial Review is needed. What were its findings? What were its recommendations? Did the Investment Committee need to be changed in the 10th Actuarial Review?

Were a high percentage of reserves not invested in the 10th Actuarial Review?

Did the Government’s exposure to the NIS surpass 20% in the 10th Actuarial Review?

Were administrative expenses labelled as high in the 10th Actuarial Review?

Were there any improvements at all from the 10th Actuarial Review to the 11th Actuarial Review?

It seems like the 40,000+ contributors to the NIS will never get the answers to these questions. Who is the NIS really for? Who are the director and his board responsible to? Who is the minister responsible to? While we think on these things, can someone please tell me where in the world Carmen Sandiego is located? Because I believe that where she is, the 10th Actuarial Review is definitely close by.

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  1. Concern Citizen says:

    Journalistic integrity is the cornerstone of a free and informed society. It demands that journalists adhere to the highest ethical standards, including accuracy, impartiality, and accountability, in their pursuit of the truth. This commitment not only strengthens public trust but also upholds the fundamental role of the press in fostering democratic discourse. IWitness News you should know better, in printing the work of an alias that is an endorsement that you support the views expressed.

  2. Waste of time being a public servant. Poor wages, poor mangement and leadership. Techical areas are understaffed and underfunded. Large administrative sections who produce very little of value. Public service is nothing but an employment generator because of stagnant economy

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