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The son of a very senior police officer, a national footballer and another man have been released on bond twice without charge after they were allegedly nabbed with an unlicensed gun on Independence Day, Oct. 27.

iWitness News was reliably informed that the men were arrested on suspicion of possession of a semi-automatic pistol while attending the football match between Lady Heat — the national women’s football team — and the Dominican Republic at Arnos Vale.

The men were released under a section of law that allows them to be bonded after being arrested without a warrant and not charged by a police officer.

The men were first released on Saturday on bond to return to the police and were ordered to do so on Thursday.

However, they were released again on Thursday, allegedly after a meeting between investigators and prosecutors.

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iWitness News was reliably informed that the men were ordered to report next week to the police station that is handling the matter. 

8 replies on “Cop’s son, national footballer under investigation for illegal gun”

  1. Two types of laws , one for persons in authorities and one for the ordinary . Being a son of a policeman, why did he ask to appear in Courts? They passed a law that they are going to be tough on crimes but we know this is a farce. A constable Soleyn, a Junior Constable was recently arrested for an alleged rape. When the crimes are committed by these people they we tend soft on it without justice taking its course

  2. Yusiff Banditt says:

    The son of the police officer doesn’t have a name ,if he was someone else son,his name would of been plastered all over social media.only in Vincy land

  3. Talk about Guns and crime the problem is right before our eyes and we play lip servive to it. The very person’s who is charged with upholding the law are the ones who violate it.

  4. Here is where the media is falling apart. They should and must investigate these incidents. Are they afraid they will be targeted and killed?

  5. Lets be honest here, your headline says it all, now you have the attention of the readers but alas we all know this will be kept quiet hush hush, or again lets be honest NOTHING DUN, noticed i never said done. one rule for one another for the others. Sorry to say we all not DOTISH or taken for fools wait isn’t the law the law in SVG ??? or am just being dotish??? This probably won’t even get on the comments lets see….

  6. If was some poor people pickney,their faces and woulda been made public ,but because it’s a police big man son allyo keeping it hush hush,then you ain’t going hear anything about it again ,let justice take its course of he’s innocent the n let court decide that…Kibber fish justice in St.Vincent and the grenadines.

  7. The calypsoian sang. , this country is not a real place. Justice has 2 faces, one for the left hand and one for the right hand . Very frightening place.

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