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Educators, married couple Shefflorn and Ann-Marie Ballantyne and their son at a protest in Kingstown on March 20, 2023.
Educators, married couple Shefflorn and Ann-Marie Ballantyne and their son at a protest in Kingstown on March 20, 2023.

By Ann-Marie Ballantyne [email protected]

Only divine hands can erase the horrors of November 2021 from the minds of Vincentians who were victims of the government’s medical tyranny. On Nov. 19, 2021, the ULP’s draconian COVID-19 vaccine mandate went into effect. That date was the deadline for healthcare workers, police and prison officers, custom officers, permanent secretaries, and teachers to surrender their bodies to be jabbed or be thrown out of their jobs.

That period is loaded with unforgettable sadness. I take no pleasure in this reflection. In fact, when I decided to write this piece, I had no idea that the memories of Nov. 19 2021 would bring such grief and pain to my soul. Tears flowed. I remember one colleague at my former workplace had hugged me tightly, with deep sadness and tears. With a broken voice, she said, “I am so sorry about what happened to you and your husband …You don’t deserve it, but I know God will take care of you and your family…” Many of my students expressed sadness and disbelief. One student lamented in the voice of reason which exceeded that of the authorities, “So, Miss, you work here for over 20 years and they firing you because you ain’t take a vaccine? That is wickedness!” Other un-jabbed dismissed workers have similar stories.

Unfortunately, hundreds of workers crumbled under the threatening fist of a tyrannical government. Some subsequently vowed that they will never forgive this government for the evil. Many remain angry with the government, angry with callous doctors, angry with spineless principals and directors. And there are those who just dismiss and try to forget the horrifying experience altogether. Things can never be the same. Moreover, there are those who must live with the reality that they have been injured by the experimental injection. They are severely ill and dying. Some have also died. They took the experimental jab to keep their job but now, they neither have job nor health.

While the enforcers and enablers of the jab continue life as “normal”, some who complied are suffering life threatening injuries — myocarditis, pericarditis, reproductive damage, strokes, cardiac disorders, blindness, blood clots and turbo cancers. Those are just a few of the known adverse reactions similar to those reported by systems like WHO’s VigiAccess and the UK Yellow Card systems.

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Local health officials may try to downplay the serious adverse reactions to the jabs, but they cannot honestly refute obvious harm. In her affidavit submitted in October 2022 to the High Court, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache stated that there was “one person who died in January 2022 and who had progressive weakness which may have been due to serious adverse effects following vaccination with a COVID-19 vaccine…”  No meandering or attempt to hide the injurious effect of the injection can convince the people. Vincentians know their neighbours, co-workers and family members who have suffered. We read in the newspapers about the “sudden deaths” and “died after a brief illness”.

It is November 2023, and the horrors continue by a government who has no regard for the workers God-given freedom of conscience and no concern for our livelihood. After the workers got a resounding victory in court in March 2023, the government decided to extend our sufferings by appealing the court’s decision. The financial burdens that we suffer due to the loss of jobs for non-compliance to the mandate are evident. Some of us cannot meet our monthly expenses. Mortgage is left unpaid for months. Insurances have lapsed. Bank accounts are empty. We cannot provide for our children as we would like to. Homes are in disrepair, and some are barely “keeping their heads above water”. Yet, those encumbrances cannot be compared with the near devastation and deep pain and suffering experienced by families who have lost their loved ones.

The evil done to our people under this condemned ULP regime should never be repeated. No citizen should submit himself so such cruelty again. Any government that practises such tyranny is not fit to govern and should never be given another chance in political office. We must hold them accountable for their wicked unconstitutional actions towards the people. We must not forget to rebuke them. We must not forget to punish them at the polls. Moreover, we know that retribution from God will come upon them, especially because they continue in their arrogance and continue to justify their evidently wrong behaviour. “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.” Proverbs 29:1

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  1. Many of them are now living in fear, very fearful of the unknown, knowing and seeing what happened to many others. It is also know that the five years post jab are very critical.

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