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Marvo O’Brien Morgan, left, and Ashford Peters.
Marvo O’Brien Morgan, left, and Ashford Peters.

Journalist and songwriter Ashford Peters and calypsonian Marvo O’Brien Morgan have partnered on a duet, “Love Never Says Goodbye (At Christmas Time)” for this Christmas season.

The song is a reggae-influenced groovy Christmas love composition written and produced by Ashford, his first effort at self-producing and publishing on an independent label.

It has a single verse, pre-chorus, chorus and a bridge structure.

“It has been very challenging for me, self-producing this song as I was just getting my feet wet, so to speak. But, there’s nothing I enjoy more like a good challenge,” Ashford said.

“I learned an awful lot while doing it. There have been many sleepless nights working on this song, and there have been few alterations as new ideas emerged but I have stuck to the structure and the original melody,” Ashford further stated.

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He said the lyrics were written about six years ago but it was not until recently that he decided to complete and record the song.

“I am not totally satisfied, but I am contented with what I have been able to do from scratch.  I am inspired. And, having worked with Marvo, and recognising her great talent, I am even more inspired.

“Marvo is marvellous. She is great to work with and I think this team effort with her is going to produce some positives and augurs well for the future. I think I have some really fantastic stuff I have done in terms of songs I have written and are just awaiting studio work. I am looking forward to greater things, I am looking to especially writing for others, not necessarily just for me. I am a writer. That’s what I do.  That’s what I love. It is my passion,” Ashford said.

Meanwhile, Marvo welcomed the partnership, saying:

“I am delighted to work on yet another project with Ashford as I always encourage new talents to be ignited. I love and enjoy his drive for the arts and he will be an inspiration to the youth in the music industry.  This latest soon to be released song will be a reflection of love at Christmas time and I am looking forward to working with Ashford.”

“Love Never Says Goodbye (At Christmas Time)’” is expected to be released in the final week of November.

It is the third time Ashford and Marvo are teaming up to do a recording.

Their first experience working together was a collaboration that included calypsonian Kirk “Ninjah” Knights and karaoke performer Lily Dabreo to record “We’ll Breathe Again”, a song about climate change with a hint at the COVID-19 pandemic released in November 2021.

Their second experience came when, in collaboration with Dabreo, they recorded the Christmas song “Give A Smile To A Child” – a remix released in December 2021.