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Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for crime-fighting, Trevor Bailey in a Nov. 6, 2023 photo.
Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for crime-fighting, Trevor Bailey in a Nov. 6, 2023 photo.

Bandits will never control sections of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as is the case in some countries, says the senior police officer in charge of crime-fighting in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police Trevor “Buju” Bailey made the assertion on Hot 97 FM on Thursday, even as he acknowledged that the influence of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force varies in various parts of the country.

“There will never be a day when bandits will lay claim to any turf to say this is our and we let in who we want and we let out who we want. That will never happen in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” said Bailey, who is a seasoned detective.

He noted that it is said that that has happened in some Caribbean countries.

“We hear of areas in some countries where that is said to have happened. But that is a different land space. This is St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We will not allow that to happen,” Bailey said.

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He responded to the view that some members of the public respect more officers from some units of the police force than they do others.

Bailey pointed out that each police officer in the country has the same power and authority.

“Who raises the bar for some and lowers it for others is what we accept,” Bailey said, adding, “Some police officers allow things to slip out of control right under their nose.”

To illustrate, he said:

“If I take a uniformed police [officer] who is in regular uniform — the grey shirt, the blue pants with the white stripe — and I put him downstairs your business place, the guys at [the bar] will drink two booze, will start to get under his skin.

“Take him tomorrow morning and put him in a Black Squad (Rapid Response Unit) uniform and they humble themselves. But it is the same individual. But the question is, if he is in grey and [blue], why can’t he say to the guys there and then, ‘Guys, stop that’?” Bailey said.

The Black Squad is a tactical unit of the police force and, unlike officers in grey and blue, all of its members are armed when on duty.

Bailey said he did not agree that every police officer in the country should be armed.

He gave an example of how police officers could attain the same means — such as issuing a traffic ticket — by using different methods, such as not attempting to pull drivers from vehicles and thereby escalating a situation.

7 replies on “Bandits will never ‘lay claim to any turf’ in SVG — ACP Bailey”

  1. Bailey the man under your command are never professional with respect of execution of their job. Don’t talk about the Black squad, they are akin to the Gairy mongoose gang. Don’t forget Junior constable Stronson Soleyn was recently charged in an alleged rape case. How about the execution of Villager ” Rabbit”. Remer the name when one think about arming every police officer. It’s a bona-fide tinderbox ready to explode.

  2. Buju when was the last time you can reasonable say that you and you men have use real investigated techniques to solve a crime? The reality is staring you in the face. Talk is cheap work is a tough customer. The fact remains that you and your men do not have the confidence in the vincentian public vis a vis with respect to security of the public. This is a sad reality.

  3. Elvis Johnson says:

    Buju the criminals in St Vincent are haPFving a field day under your watch. It’s a cat and mouse game of catch me if you can. The RSPF can’t even analyze data sufficient vto catch a criminal much less to go talk raid and spewing your utter nonsense which y res techniques pect yo crime fightou know is untruthful. Criminal have become sophisticated while the RSPF is stagnant which to crime fighting techniques.

  4. Bailey needs to look hard in the mirror before he pontificates like this.

    At the rate it’s going, SVG will soon become a failed state like Haiti, especially when so many of our police are still on the job when they allow themselves to descend into tub of lard status.

  5. Just garbage talk about a man who just rabble on. The man as a crime fighter has a dismal record of solving crimes.

  6. The bandits are already in SVG and in control of the country. They can be found in the NDP Government and also in every corner of the police force. Criminals can actually learn their trade from just watching and following how the police behave, say nothing of scum mps.

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