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By Unity Labour Party 

The issue

Lorraine Friday, the president of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), does not possess the fitness to offer himself to lead St. Vincent and the Grenadines in account of the acknowledged fact that he has been and is, by and his own choice as an adult, a citizen of Canada, even though he was born in Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  According to him, he has his Vincentian passport in his “back pocket” and has in his “front pocket proudly” his Canadian passport. He actually proclaimed all this, in these very words, in the Parliament of SVG.  Thus, Canadian Lorraine Friday, in the process, has been contemptuous of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Vincentians. 

All right-thinking Vincentians know that anyone who aspires to lead SVG cannot be permitted divided loyalties between SVG and another country.  If you want to lead SVG you cannot have one foot in Trudeau’s yard of Canada and another foot in the land of Chatoyer!  Your commitment and loyalty to SVG must be absolute.  You cannot place an each-way bet on our SVG and foreign Canada; that is to say, you cannot gamble on SVG and if lose you run way to Canada.  Dog does run away, cat does run away, and Friday will run way too.  This renders him unfit for leadership in SVG! This Canadian Lorraine Friday must stop this insult to SVG and Vincentians

This fundamental question of public political morality and fitness to lead has come to the fore with the Canadian Lorraine Friday’s act of disloyalty to SVG because of his pronouncement of his allegation of the lack of public safety in SVG with its “high crime problem” as evident from the placement by the NDP of a massive billboard, not-too-far from the airport on the main public highway, on the road to Leeward, on the way to Sandals Resorts.  This act of pulling down SVG is central to the Canadian Lorraine Friday’s continued effort to mash down any progress in SVG.  People remember, for example, his silly, desperate, and unpatriotic last-minute letter in February 2017, to the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) to try and stop the opening of the Argyle International on the ground of safety concerns.  A complete rubbish letter! This Canadian Lorraine Friday repeatedly shows that the has no commitment to SVG and Vincentians.

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Unacceptable, untenable, incurable 

In Jamaica, there is a similar situation of dual citizenship of the Leder of the Opposition, Mark Golding, except that Friday’s situation is far worse.  Mark Golding was born in Jamaica of British parents, so he acquired his British citizenship by descent; Friday got his Canadian citizenship and passport by his own voluntary act and has so subjected himself voluntarily to the power and authority of Canada; Friday put himself under allegiance to Canada.

The NDP and the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) led by Prime Minister Andrew Holness of Jamaica have fraternal relations, and are both in the pro-imperialist International Democratic Union (IDU), led by the Republican Party of Donald Trump, of which the Caribbean Democratic Union (CDU) is a constituent part; both the NDP and JLP are active members of the CDU.  Friday has attended the JLP party conferences and has hugged up Andrew Holness in brotherly solidarity.  In other words, Friday and Holness are bosom-buddies, at least politically!

Holness has made it clear that it is “unacceptable, untenable, and incurable”, for Mark Golding as a British citizen and a holder of British passport (even as he has his birthright Jamaican passport) to offer himself as the alternative Prime Minister of Jamaica.  Holness insists that whatever the constitutional or legal considerations at play, it is immoral and wrong for a potential prime minister to have divided national loyalties.  He is firm in his conclusion that such a person is unfit to led an independent country.

Holness goes further and contends that even if Golding gives up his British passport now and renounces his British citizenship, the egregious wrong committed by Golding is “incurable”; thus, according to Holness, Golding’s political unfitness for the highest executive office, persists.  After all, he can at any time renounce his renunciation; so, Holness’ reasoning goes. 

Most right-thinking Vincentians would agree that on this matter the reasoning of Holness is even more compelling and unanswerable when applied to the case of his political buddy, the Canadian Friday from Bequia; after all, as we reiterate, Friday got his Canadian citizenship and passport by his own choice as an adult; and Friday continues to poke Vincentians in the eye arrogantly with his proclamation that he has his Canadian passport “proudly” in his “front pocket”. 

Stand down Friday

If the Canadian Lorraine Friday has any sense of political decency and political morality, he will abandon his quest to lead.  Not only should he follow the advice of Prime Minister Holness of Jamaica, he should listen and act in accordance with the treasured opinion on this matter of Dr. Raulson Nembhard, a priest, author, and independent commentator from Jamaica.

In an article written in a newspaper, The Jamaica Observer, on Thursday May 30, 2024 under the caption “Stand down, Golding”, Dr. Nembhard, got to the heart of matter as follows:

And what about your [Golding] dual citizenship status and wanting to be Prime Minister of Jamaica?  

“—-Something smells rotten in the State of Denmark when one considers that someone who has allegiance to a foreign power would seek to exercise authority over the people of another nation.  Many of us are calling this immoral.  It just does not sit well.  For this reason, I do not believe that any dual citizen should sit in the Parliament.  If you are not bearing the heat and burden of the day, you should have no right making laws for those who have to.  It is an essential moral question which cannot be easily shove aside.”

Well said, Reverend Dr. Nembhard! This, too, has long been the reasoned opinion of Frank Da Silva, a local political commentator. 

Camillo Gonsalves did the right thing

Let us look at how Camillo did his thing right!

Camillo was born in the United States of a Vincentian father and Jamaican mother.  He was thus entitled to three citizenships and passports: American by birth; Vincentian and Jamaican by descent. As a child he obtained an American passport; this he renewed as an adult.  As an adult he obtained, too, as of right, a Vincentian passport; the only citizenship and passport — Vincentian — he has had once he decided on a parliamentary career. 

When he was informed that the prime minister of SVG was considering an appointment for him as a senator and minister, he swiftly embarked upon the process to RENOUNCE his American citizenship; this was accomplished before his appointment of Senator and long before he became a candidate for East St. George in the general elections of December 2015.

It should be noted that there was no constitutional or legal requirement for Camillo to renounce his American citizenship because it was not obtained as a voluntary act on his part; his mother gave birth to him in the USA, a matter over which Camillo obviously had no choice or control.

Camillo acted as he did to renounce his American citizenship out of a moral duty and unquestioned commitment and loyalty to SVG! Compare this honourable conduct to that of the Canadian Lorraine Friday from Bequia! Compare his conduct, too, to some others who lied about renouncing their American and other citizenship on their way to Parliament! One of these dishonest Americans prattles daily about matters Vincentian while clinging to his American citizenship and passports in his love not for God but for mammon.

Before Camillo’s selfless act, Sir Louis Straker had blazed the trail of political decency by renouncing his American citizenship before he became a candidate for Central Leeward in February 1994.  Louis Straker had obtained American citizenship by a voluntary act, as an adult. The Canadian Friday has had Sir Louis as an example, but disregarded it. 

NDP’s lack of principle

In the 2009 Referendum on the proposed reform Constitution, it was put to the people that dual citizens should sit in Parliament.  The NDP opposed it; the NDP propagandised that Ralph wanted that provision to help Camillo enter Parliament.  At that time Camillo was SVG’s Ambassador to the United Nations and had no intention then to enter Parliament. The people of SVG voted against the proposed Reform Constitution in this regard; we must accept this verdict unless changed by the people.

The unprincipled NDP has been trying to dance around the subject, but they cannot escape it now; not since their unpatriotic billboard on crime on the way to Sandals Resorts.  That factual matrix prompts the urgency of the issue for the people of SVG.  As Prime Minister Holness of Jamaica and Reverend Dr. Nembhard insist by parallel reasoning: “Stand Down, Friday”.  Most Vincentians share this view.

NDP burning down the house of SVG!

The track record of the opposition NDP is to advocate, metaphorically, the burning down of the house of SVG with no fire brigade at the rescue!  They, in effect, chant: “Burn down the house of SVG and let us build it back.”

That mantra is reflected in their opposition to everything good for SVG’s development including their opposition to the following: The Argyle International Airport; the Rabacca Bridge; the Education Revolution; the Modern Medical Complex at Georgetown; the Sir Vincent Beache Stadium; the Modern Port Project; the Arnos Vale Cricket Stadium; the Housing Revolution; and so forth.

The NDP of the Canadian Lorraine Friday is a clear and present danger to SVG and its people! Yet again, the people are saying: “Always the ULP for SVG!”

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

11 replies on “The Canadian Lorraine Friday is unfit to lead in SVG ”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    Where is the proof that Camillo has relinquished his US citizenship?What about Louie Straker? Did he relinquish his US citizenship? It is like the PM who is 80 plus wants vincentians to beleive he took 5 of the covid vaccines. Talks, talks and more talks without the evidence. There is nothing legally wrong regarding Dr. Friday being a Canadian citizen and holding the highest political office here in SVG. Ralph you know this.. The Nigerian students that were and are being pursued into voting ULP is worsed. Trying to play that card is not worth it.
    Carlos James aka 1 vote, is a born Trinidadian. Why are you not commenting or complaining about that? This will not work Conrade come again.

    All these negatives youre trying to conjure up against Godwin Friday of Bequia will not work. Vincentians will vote for Friday than Camillo who said “NDP (Vincentians) must suffer and die” then pause and add “politically” for convenience.

  2. And the new hospital at arnos vale you fuh get this one that you here fooling the idiot rhem with for years eh

  3. Mikey Browne says:

    I never read more rubbish in ah Post. Now, the Ulp is really grabbing at the wind. As Bob Marley said in song, only ah foolish dog bark at a flying bird.

  4. I don’t know where the writer is heading with his article. The people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines have spoken: They have selected Friday to lead the NDP, so why is one man trying to change that.

    Why is he going all over the world looking for their approach to leadership in those countries. I am no lover of Jamaica becuse of their approach to the 1950’s federation issue. So, don’t even mention it and compare it to what happens in SVG. Today we see where it was the right approach for a collaboration of the West Indian islands – big and small. Today we are looking at CARICOM which is what should have been in place in the 50’s.

    This person is also trying to open the door to a foreigner to be the leader of SVG – Camillo, when her mentioned his name. He has no link to Chatoyer. His article is all about Jamaica and its political issue which makes me believe he is Jamaican trying to influence St. Vincentian and the Grenadines political issues. This is the same thing Russia and China are doing to interfere with the American election issue.

    Sir, here is something you can do to prove you are on the right track: Do a survey to find out if the people of SVG will prefer Camillo as leader or Saboto. That’s where you should be heading, because if you are an NDP supporter, then you can take this up with the NDP, but if you are an ULP supporter, then you are on the wrong track.

  5. Infantile and stupidly written piece with no substance, no substantial facts to back up anything written. A very poor effort to appease suspected cult members who are now swearing they would switch allegiances this election.


    Mammy Joshua was a born Grenadian.

    Vincent Beache had a Canadian passport, was his son Glenn born there, or was he a citizen of Canada?

    Carlos James was born in Trinidad.

    Louis Straker had USA passport.

    Camillo was born in the USA.

    Which rabbit hole would you all go into next. Pathetic!

    Canada is part of the British commonwealth, this gives citizens of all those countries contained, the right to run and vote in those countries.

  6. Take warning says:

    so dem who accused ah ape fit so lead ? and dem who mek people go mental home fit fo lead to? ar yo think people go remain dotish eh ? ar yo go get a life.

  7. C. ben-David says:

    I have seen proof in American citizenship documents that Camillo Gonsalves renounced his American citizenship; I have never seen this renunciation in American documents from Louis Straker though I recall seeing a piece of paper waved around indicating this renunciation.

    As a dual citizen as well, one of these being Vincentian citizenship, I can claim without shame or remorse that my overseas residence means my first loyalty is not to SVG based on the premise clearly announced by our brilliant Comrade that one cannot equally and patriotically serve two sovereign nations at the same time.

    Accordingly, like the Comrade, I see Friday as a Canadian wolf in Vincentian sheep’s clothing, as was Ben Exeter, a Canadian through and through, accent and all, though born in Layou, why Exeter always failed to gain a parliamentary seat and why Friday will never become the Prime Minister of our beloved homeland.

  8. C.Ben-David you are such a hypocrite. The higher the monkey climbs the more it exposes its rectum. As a warnbe Jew does anyone hold it against you ? Your so called Master in Nethanyu who is wanted the ICJ. What do you say about that Layou man. You shout shut up mongrel.

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