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Police officer during their community walkabout in Barrouallie on May 30, 2024. (Photo: Facebook/RSVGPF)
Police officer during their community walkabout in Barrouallie on May 30, 2024. (Photo: Facebook/RSVGPF)
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The Barrouallie Police Station, which has been located at Peters Hope since February 2021, will be relocated to the heart of the Central Leeward town, acting Commissioner of Police Enville Williams has said.

He told the police town hall meeting in Barrouallie on May 30 that only a few logistical issues remain to be resolved before the relocation. 

The police chief gave the assurance during a town hall meeting in which Justice of the Peace Alston Anderson called for the police station to be relocated to the heart of the town.

Williams said the government has given the assurance that police stations in several communities across St. Vincent are earmarked for renovation or reconstruction.

In May, the Barrouallie Branch of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Co-operative Credit Union, which is located in the same square as the police station had been before it was relocated, was robbed, reportedly at gunpoint.

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Neither the police nor the credit union has commented on the robbery, however, Deputy Commissioner of Police Frankie Joseph told the meeting that the perpetrator(s) will be brought to justice.

Anderson said many crimes could have been prevented if the police station was still located in the heart of the town.

The meeting in the town square was held on the penultimate day of the National Firearm Amnesty Initiative.

It took place shortly after officers of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) held a walkabout in the town, as they have been doing in various parts of the country. 

Anderson urged residents of Barrouallie to keep each other accountable to combat crime and violence in the Central Leeward town.

He urged residents to revive the spirit of collective responsibility for each other’s conduct.

Anderson appealed to people who have illegal firearms to surrender them to the police and settle their disputes responsibly.

Speaking at the meeting, Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of crime, Trevor Bailey urged the public to take advantage of the last hours of the firearm amnesty to surrender illegal firearms and ammunition.

 “You have until midnight on May 31, 2024, to hand them in. You can even bring it to me now, you have nothing to worry about. Just put it in a bag and place it at my feet; I will know what to do with it,” Bailey said.

He noted the amendment to the Firearms Act would come into effect after the amnesty with stiffer penalties for gun offences.

Bailey said that the days of the court handing down two- and three-year prison sentences for firearm possession were over.

“Now it’s 10 or more years and fines reaching up to hundreds of thousands,” the senior detective said.

Bailey said that so far, 17 firearms and 327 rounds of ammunition had been surrendered under the amnesty.

Meanwhile, Divisional Commander of the Western Policing Division, Assistant Superintendent of Police Elgin Richards, told the meeting that he and the officers under his command are committed to reducing crime in the district.

He said there is always room for improvement, adding that the police are deeply committed to maintaining peace on the streets.

And, Joseph reminded community members of the importance of working hand in hand with the police.

He said that despite its challenges, the police force is deeply committed to collaborating with every community.

“You can always feel comfortable talking to us,” he said.

The event also saw a performance by the RSVGPF Band, which provided an opportunity for residents to socialise with the rank and file in a more relaxed setting.

“The RSVGPF recognises the importance of open dialogue with communities and is committed to maintaining strong relationships with the various communities in and around St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” a police statement said.

“This event highlighted the force’s dedication to working collaboratively with the public to ensure safety and security for all.”

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  1. Come on! You have the politicians behaving like 5-year-olds insulting each other in public and on the air, and now you are asking the communities to try to “get along”.

    Get the prime minister to set an example and stop howling like a wolf in public. […]


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