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By: Anonymous

An 88-year-old lady has been living peacefully since the last three years in a coastal village in Bequia.

She has a rooster and one hen and, from time to time, she collects one precious egg.

On the night of the 7th of March, some tourists, annoyed by the rooster waking them up, carried out an attack on the old woman.

Every single hour of that night, and the following night, they came banging with pots and pans around her house, thus creating a racket, which kept the whole neighbourhood awake.

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Most of us are shocked and deeply offended at such behaviour and wish that this kind of incident never occurs again.

Roosters are part of the Caribbean culture, and exist in every island too small to breed cattle. They are precious and beautiful animals, powerful symbol of nature and of the rebirth of life each dawn.

Please hear her call!!

2 replies on “The old lady and the rooster (Submitted)”

  1. Anonymous, not quite, I believe it was submitted by Jason or some other idiot member of his family.

    Its something like the ‘how many beans make five’ story that Jason tells from time to time.

    Or one of VINCYPOWAS stories, remember that ‘why did the preacher cross the road?’ story.

    They are what may well be described as a brace of idiots.

  2. Peterbinose even before reading your comment this story struck me as very odd. It ends “please hear her call” but what are we supposed to do for her when the writer doesn’t even tell us in which village this event was supposed to have occurred, much less the lady’s name!

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