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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).
Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves (File photo).

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, April 18, IWN — Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves will today — Thursday — deliver a public lecture on the “The Making of a National Hero: The Law and Practice in St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.

The lecture is part of the on-going exercise to determine what person(s) should join Joseph Chatoyer as National Hero.

Chair of the National Heroes Committee, former minister of culture, Rene Baptiste, has said an announced could come as soon as Independence Day, Oct. 27.

The University of the West Indies Open Campus, the organizer o the lecture, said Gonsalves will take a critical look at the criteria for National Hero and explore the relationship between the law and the life and work of several outstanding Vincentians and lay out a case for the possible elevation of any of these national figures to the status of National Hero.

Gonsalves had originally chosen to speak on “National Hero Status: Consideration for McIntosh, Joshua and Cato”.

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But he changed the topic in the wake of comments by former member of parliament and former attorney general, Parnell Campbell, who argued on his television programme that Gonsalves, while entitled to an opinion, should not make a case for any person, since he chairs Cabinet, which will make the final decision on who is declared a national hero.

The lecture forms part of a public education series organized by the Open Campus in collaboration with Joachim Associates and BDS Nice radio.

It takes place at the lecture Hall of the Open Campus at 6:30 p.m.

11 replies on “At lecture today, PM to discuss the law rather than make case for heroes”

  1. Of course he should stand down…Gonsalves is acting as judge juror and executioner…How can the man with the ultimate power to decide on a nominee, is now putting forth is own choice for nomination? Who will or can overrule Gonsalves? It was always a total farce once Gonsalves inserts himself in the process of nomination. But at least better sense prevail and we can now look forward to a nomination process, seemingly untainted by the specter of political shenanigans…we hope.


    Gonsalves didn’t change the topic…he just CHANGE THE TITLE!!! Good one Ralph, just when I thought you were doing the honorable thing…you prove too much of a political animal to let this chance slip by. Well, lets resigned ourselves to the foregone conclusion…MILTON CATO WILL BE OUR NEXT NATIONAL HERO.

    I have no deep seated qualms about giving Cato or McIntosh or any Vincentian the title of National Hero…at the end of the day the elevation of these men, do not change one f’king thing in the daily lives of Vincentians. I just see this exercise as a tool for politicians like Gonsalves to use for political expediency. Like I mentioned before, Gonsalves involvement in this dialogue has tainted the whole process; given the fact that he has the ultimate power and influence to decide who gets elevated to National Hero status.

  3. Parnell seems to be the only Vincentian who can put a collar on Ralph. I am sure others saw the conflict of interest, but kept their mouths shut. Why are some Vincentians afraid to question Ralph’s behaviour? Are the majority of Vincentians a..e-lickers?
    I am also worried that only politicians are named as national heroes. What heroic things Cato or Mitchell did? A closer look at the life of Doc Eustace would show he’s right up there with McIntosh and Joshua ( fighting for the children of poor people to get an education). His actions were from the heart and that’s how you judge people as heroes.

  4. How can someone who is a politician doing the work of a politician be considered as a hero. Surely a hero is someone who saves or attempts to save the life of another, risking his own life or limb in so doing. All this political crap is just more of the Marxists attempting to change history.

    The British were in financial difficulty, they wanted rid of all the islands, we were the last that they disposed of in the Eastern Caribbean. The only thing Cato did was negotiate the terms, there was nothing at all heroic about that. Our freedom came because we were no longer wanted and Britain wanted rid of all its empire world wide.

    I am sure that Gonsalves is looking to the future, he is aware that being as fat and unhealthy as he is, and the three score years and ten approaching, he is going to die fairly soon. He is hopeful we will remember that he forgave Milton Cato for hating him Gonsalves, Cato hated communism, hated Marxists. Gonsalves forgave him for the police autrocities carried out against communists and Gonsalves fellow comrades. And he Gonsalves should therefore be forgiven all the evil he has rendered to Vincentians and himself be elected a National Hero.

    Well when you consider that Gonsalves went to the Iranians and had them pay us money, and in return we give them help at the UN with our voting methods. Supporting Iran in the murder, slaughter and persecution of Iranian Christians. Knowing full well that this was going on, yet caring not about those poor persecuted and murdered Christians, victims of the Iranian regime.

    A man that behaves in such a way is capable of anything. But Gonsalves is always seeking glory, and this is what this is all about, his own future glory, his own elevation as a national hero.

    I notice in the debate he had to get in our rejecting the new constitution in the referendum, and also about the need to get rid of the Queen. He gave worshipping praise to other Marxist scum bags like Walter Rodney etc.

    All I know is that by rejecting the constitution, which contained a number of dreadful deceptive clauses, we saved ourselves of being an instant police state ruled a mad Marxist president who would install himself for life.


  5. VINCYSTINKERPOWA, you are the ULP showcase for idiocy. You try and divert the truth, but never support the call for truth and decency.

    So here is your opportunity to come good, to be seen as having at least an ounce of decency.

    Where did the US$ 1 million cash in a bag come from? WHERE DID IT COME FROM, WHERE DID IT GO, WHO BENEFITED?

    Why did the ULP need to give away a million dollars worth of building materials and still inject US$350,000 [EC$1 million] in cash during the last two weeks of St. Vincent’s December 2005 election campaign? paying overdue bills for voters, fixing leaking roofs, and paying for groceries, fridges, freezers, cookers, animals and even giving away $100 notes in envelopes. If the party is loved and supported by Vincentians, WHY DID THEY NEED TO BUY THE VOTE BY BRIBERY?


    Why did the ULP need to fly in about 400 people to St. Vincent from the U.S. for the elections voter on the voters list that did not qualify to be on the voters list, people they were aware did not qualify. This was a form of bribery to have people vote in their favour. WHY DID THEY NEED TO BUY THESE VOTES BY BRIBERY?


    TELL USssssssssssssssssssssssss

    ‘O’ stinker of the great divide, tell us.

  6. Our pseudo national hero, I believe will be his choice, not ours, not the committees.

    Pseudo = artificial, bogus, counterfeit, fake, imitation, pretend.

    Yes the people put forward as National Hero’s carry all of those titles when it comes to heroism.


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