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A postal worker was robbed of EX$100,000 and a police officer shot in Kingstown on June 13, 2013. (IWN photo)

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A police officer is in hospital while his colleagues hunt for a man who shot him in Kingstown Thursday morning.

The cop was shot in the vicinity of First Caribbean International Bank and the General Post office. There are several reports about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The Police Public Relations Department told I-Witness News Thursday afternoon that the office is surnamed Jack but added that they did not have the detail surrounding the shooting.

Member Of The Rapid Response Unit (Black Squad) And The Special Services Unit Talk At The Scene Where A Police Officer Was Shot On Thursday. (Iwn Photo)
Member of the rapid response unit (black squad) and the special services unit talk at the scene where a police officer was shot on thursday. (iwn photo)

However, what is clear is that after the shooting, the assailant, who is said to have fired several gunshots, fled the scene, triggering a police manhunt.

A Police Photographer Work At The Scene Where A Cop Was Shot In Kingstown On Thursday. (Iwn Photo)
A police photographer work at the scene where a cop was shot in kingstown on thursday. (iwn photo)

The injured cop was taken to hospital while his colleague combed the crime scene looking for evidence and others searched for the assailant.

The entire block from Singer to FCIB was cordoned off and traffic rerouted as police searched for evidence and civilians looked on. Business within the block, which includes two financial institutions, the General Post office, and several restaurants, came to a halt during the investigation.

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Police Officers Talk With Civilians At The Crime Scene. (Iwn Photo) police officers talk with civilians at the crime scene. (iwn photo)


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2 replies on “Police officer shot in Kingstown”

  1. i believe every police officers in vincy should carry a service pistol,not only those in the tactical unit,is only when their co-workers get injured they coming full force but the present officer on the ground doin security in business place is unarmed.that really do not make any sense.

  2. I’d rather see no gun in the hands of criminals or the police. This is the first incident of a police getting shot in SVG and there is no need to introduce gun in every policeman hands. Can you imagine how many people can get hurt in a shoot out, with criminals on one side and the police on the other side, in areas where folks are going about their business.
    The law should deal harshly with any one carrying an illegal gun. The laws in SVG doesn’t do justice to people harmed by criminals. These criminals spend a few weekends in jail and are out to do the same thing again.

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