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Francis & Francis Airport Construction Engineers

With reference to the Argyle International Airport: We submit for the people to view and inspect the initial Feasibility Study, Wind Studies, Environmental Studies and General Business Plan, for 2008 and onward.

Feasibility Study:

Wind Studies:

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Environmental Studies:

General Business Plan:



We thank you and if anyone has difficulty understanding this series of studies, so what? We told you it would be debt free, so it must follow that it is also study free.


Peter Binose


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7 replies on “Argyle airport studies and business plan”

  1. Cadwall King says:

    Peter Binose, You are a complete idiot! The airport is coming and there is nothing you and you cohorts can do about it! so why don’t you just zip it! and let progress take place! Strewps >>>> I am fed up of your crap!

  2. Even if we do or don’t agree with Mr Binose views or methods of expression, he mostly goes aout it in a professional manner and we can at least respect that.

    What I can never understand is how questioning a capital project today is somehow disgraceful but questioning them 15 years ago was heroic.
    Othley Hall was a capital project of the country which was heavily questioned and opposed at the time so by your logic the then opposition / ULP was a bunch of “idiots & cohorts”.

    If the “idiots & cohorts” of yesteryear can today give us wonderful projects as AIA then again by your logic the “idiots & cohorts” of today will in 15 years to come give the country even more magnificent projects.

    Othley Hall was coming and it came, the Airport is coming and will arrive. Was OK to comment back and so it is to do the same today. Let Peter have his say.

  3. CADWALL KING, Everyone knows the airport is coming, with or without the ULP or Friar Tuck.

    The problem is that the project has bankrupt the country. Had it of been done in a traditional fashion, raising all the studies, negotiating the funding or raising one or more bond issues, the airport would be finished by now.

    It was started with no ‘Feasibility Study, Wind Studies, Environmental Studies and General Business Plan’. That is why no traditional lender, or the EU, UK or US would touch it.

    Because he likes to travel, Gonsalves could still of gone off scrounging, and prostituted the country, that could of been the icing in the cake. The whole thing has been the action of a fiscal idiot, not for the good of the country, the good of his own ideology.

    The Cubans have taken work that belonged to the Vincentian work force, there is absolutely nothing that they have done that a Vincentian from here or the Diaspora could not of done. Even if not all Vincentian, Lucians or Bajans would be able to top up such labour.

    When we started out employing the Cubans, the excuse used was that they brought expertise, well having met most of them and discussed both in Spanish and English what they are doing, I can tell you that some if not all of them are pretty third rate, in fact one or two of them didn’t even know what day of the week it was.

    Worse than that to sweeten the pill of them taking our jobs, Gonsalves told us that their wages were being paid by Venezuela. Its my belief now they have failed to pay a cent towards the wage bill, that was just a downright lie, a lie to parliament and a lie to the citizens.

    Paying the Cubans from our own funds has brought about the collapse of our banking system, necessitating the selling of the state bank, and probably as a knock on effect of the approaching collapse of whole banking system.

    Cubans paid three times that of a Vincentian, sending home their wages to Cuba, spent in Cuba, giving a boost to the Cuban economy. That money if paid to Vincentians would of paid rents, mortgages, helped Vincentian sales and services in shops, stores and business’s in general. Some would of been used as savings, helping our banking sector, with people able to pay their mortgages instead of having a record number of mortgage and loan defaults.

    We want an airport for free because we were told it was basically free, that was another huge lie. We were told money and goods were coming from a group of countries described as the ‘Coalition of the Willing’. Other than some tiny help from two or three countries basically that was a lie also. The coalition simply turned out to be a coalition of the unwilling. We were led to believe that between selling our land and crown jewels, and money granted by friendly left wing nations, we would be able to build an airport, no mention of what could well be a billion dollars in loans.

    All this Cuba and Venezuela crap is all about the political ambitions and beliefs, and gratification, of one man. A man who you worship, a man with no regard for the people, a man seeking his own glorification. A man who has no idea about the real world, blinded by communism and dreams of revolution. A man with no fiscal intelligence or expertise.

    I believe that initially the whole funding and details of the airport were a halation introduced by Gonsalves for his own reasons. He decided to keep the whole thing outside of parliament, his own personal project. Told the opposition when they asked in parliament to see contracts “if I ask you to show me your house deed, you gong to show me” just for that he should of been kicked out on his arse.

    Only now the funding has gone nastily wrong he brings the thing to parliament asking for approval for more and more money from lenders, loans so great we can never repay them.

    And you CADWELL KING support that, are you for real.

  4. You keep on calling people stupid and idiot. I ‘ll like meet you on the street of Kingstown and call me an idiot or stupid. I’ll tell you now it won’t be pretty . You better be on the ready “Brother” Stop being a Jack ass

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