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by Karen Hinds

Karen Kinds.
Karen Hinds.

Summer is a wonderful time, but sometimes it’s difficult not to feel like a prisoner when you are stuck indoors working and it seems like everyone is outside enjoying the nice weather. It can be difficult to stay focused and be productive. Here are a few quick strategies to get you engaged again.

Consider alternate hours. If at all possible, vary your hours so you come in earlier or later, or even consider telecommuting but only if you are disciplined and can be more productive outside the office.

Do quick, short tasks. If you know your least productive time is after lunch, do not schedule large projects or work that requires total concentration during that timeframe. Work on short, quick tasks that require less concentration and has you moving often.

Take a walk. A quick walk after lunch can also boost your energy. Yes, the sun may be a bit hot but get outside and enjoy some fresh air. If you already work outdoors, find another location where you can walk around or rest under a shady area.

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Get a sugar rush. A quick snack after lunch can give you the boost of energy you need to get back on track. Dried fruit is healthier, but a piece of chocolate or candy works just as well– just don’t overindulge.

Eat a lighter lunch. Heavy lunches kick-start the process that makes us feel sluggish and sleepy right after eating. Opt instead for lighter foods that are heavy on the vegetables and protein. Turkey is one of the protein sources that will make you feel sleepy, however.

Karen Hinds is a consultant, author and Founder/CEO of Workplace Success Group. Her company works with organizations and individuals that want to be professional every day and reach new levels of performance