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Director of Public Prosecutions, Collin Williams. (IWN file photo)
Director of Public Prosecutions, Collin Williams. (IWN file photo)

The initial six charges against opposition Sen. Vynnette Frederick were “never dismissed”, journalist Duggie “Nose” Joseph has quoted Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Collin Williams, as saying.

Joseph, in a post on the social networking website, Facebook, on Thursday, quoted Williams as saying that Frederick never entered a plea of guilty or not guilty regarding the charges.

The DPP explained that if the charges were dismissed, they could not have been laid against the senator again, Joseph reported.

A magistrate last Thursday upheld a submission by Frederick’s lawyers that the charges were not properly put forward, and threw them out.

The charges stem from affidavits Frederick submitted to the court as part of a private complaint against Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves after the December 2010 general elections.

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Nine charges were brought against the senator on Thursday, hours after the magistrate threw out the six.

5 replies on “Charges against senator were not ‘dismissed’ — DPP”

  1. So it was the intention / expectation of the magistrate to have to charges re-enter the legal system, “properly put forward” this time, and a plea heard?

    Correct me if am wrong, did the PM ever Plea guilty or not guilty for the alleged charges from those women? If not these charges were never “dismissed” and can now be “properly put forward”, he arrested and hauled before the courts in similar fashion.

    The precedence now has been set. Come on Mr Williams, let’s see our fair justice system at work. Make us proud once more, let us trust in the system again.

  2. So who has led off the confusion here, the Magistrate? So did the Magistrate err by stopping short of a ‘dismissal’ and turning the Senator loose?

  3. It would seem to me the whole thing was an orchestrated political trick. A designed trap to cause the most sensational embarrassment to Ms Fredericks. An unhuman and unconstitutional act. May I even suggest that it was a conspired effort between a number of top people in the ULP and the judiciary.

    The sooner we rid ourselves of this filth the better. They are using the law in such a way as to make fools of the whole nation.

    Lets focus on the future, bringing back some charges of rape and sexual assault. Also fully investigating why a diplomatic passport was given to a man who was not a diplomat or a government employee, that man then travelled on the passport until he was caught smuggling cocaine into Britain. Investigating also how a senatorial member of parliament and the leader of the ULP took a bag containing US$1 million into the NCB bank and attempted to change it into EDCdollars.

    We also need a full and in depth investigation regarding the assassination of the fat mans press secretary, disappearance of the Servant of the Lord, and the unsolved assassination of the NiceRadio announcer/DJ.

    We also need a full investigation into the real reason why convicted criminals are employed in our police force. Who sanctioned the employment of these criminals in the police force, and do they know something about someone which makes their dismissal difficult, if not currently impossible. Do they hold the knowledge that may bring down the regime.

    We need to investigate the corruption in government owned corporations, government ministries and government departments, corruption and wrong doing that has been hidden by the regime. There are numerous recorded instances.

    There are hundreds of situations that require investigation, fortunately they are all well recorded, just waiting for the dawn of a new day, when we can be rid of this Marxist regime.

    Most any of the things that I write can be found on the internet.

    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

  4. Like everything gone quiet on this thread. Nobody have anything to say? Am I totally on my own for the rest of the day, IWN? Cha!

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